Paradise for readers: in Minsk opened the largest bookshop

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Alan Kaziev


In Minsk after reconstruction opened a bookstore Svetoch. It is the largest in the country, transmits television channel “MIR 24”.

On two floors of almost 70 thousand books. Here fiction and scientific literature, world bestsellers and classics. For the convenience of visitors – comfortable sofas and chairs as well as a special Board by which it is easier to find the right book. There was a cafe and a conference hall, which will host meetings with authors.

“I’m happy that I opened a store. He’s just incredible. There is a presentation area. It is now a house for writers,” says writer Natalia Batrakova.

“Must be online to be brought to Belarus and produce those books that find readers. Although, of course, there is a state subsidy to book publishing. Primarily maintained a classic and a children’s book that certainly should cost a little bit cheaper,” – said the Minister of information of Belarus Alexander Karlyukevich.

We should add that the reconstruction of the bookstore lasted almost a year.