“Paradoxes of the body”: to lose weight, do not have

«Парадоксы организма»: Чтобы похудеть — надо много есть

Scientists engaged in the development of a variety of diets for weight loss, often come to very paradoxical conclusions. So paradoxical, that it becomes a specific sensation.

One developed at the present time the specialists of the theories says that a lot is required in order to lose weight. Such are the paradoxes of the body.

Previously it was thought that the shedding weight helps only use low-calorie products. However, to achieve the desired goal you can eat “all you want”.

It sounds strange, but is quite possible. It is assumed that the menu should be the presence of eggs, white meat, zucchini, legumes, cucumbers and vegetables in which low in starch content.

These cultures, as experts believe, will not lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. The taboo is eating rice, pasta and sweets.

If you eat all of these “diet” products, even without their limitations, can be achieved a noticeable effect on weight loss. Have to try.


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