Paralyzed girl is spending thousands of dollars on themselves. And that’s what exactly!

Paralyzed girl from Finland named Jasmine Britney spends a few thousand dollars on clothes, cosmetics and Botox injections, to realize his dream – to become a copy of Barbie doll.

At the age of 9 Jasmine got hit by a car. She survived, but, unfortunately, after the accident the girl was paralyzed. For 17 years, Jasmine moves only in a wheelchair. However, this does not prevent the girl to enjoy life and realize their dreams. Finn had always loved Barbie and wanted to be like his idol.

To get closer to his goal, the girl have used the services of a cosmetologist – she built up hair and nails, and also did Botox injections to augment the lips. In addition, Jasmine regularly buys a lot of clothes and cosmetics.

“When I was 9, my life has changed, — says the girl. – I got hit by a car and became disabled. I have back problems and I can not move independently, but I have a purpose in life. His example I want to show to society that people with disabilities also have the right of choice.”

As recognized Jasmine, to “become Barbie”, she daily takes a few hours.
“For several hours, I do makeup, and then I choose what to wear. I love to pose. My goal is to show people with disabilities that you cannot live without hope. For 17 years I can’t move hand nor foot, but the tragedy that happened to me, did not stop my life.

Barbie helps me to live, says Fink. – I like bright things, fancy dresses and shoes from Christian Louboutin. Wearing them, I’m feeling more confident. Yeah, I can’t walk, but I have a large collection of shoes. I would like to become a designer of shoes.”

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