Parents need to attract young people to physical activity, and here’s why

Батьки повинні залучити підлітків до фізичної активності, і ось чому

Physical activity in adolescence has a positive effect on future life
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Researchers from Exeter University (UK) conducted an experiment with the participation of adolescents and found that enhanced physical activity during adolescence has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Work published in the journal Experimental Physiology.

In the experiment participated 13 children aged 12 to 15 years. They completed three trials in a random order. The first: eight-run duration of one minute with the maximum aerobic speed – 90%, recovery time is 75 seconds. Second, the running average intensity from 10-12 approaches one minute, the recovery time is 75 seconds. Control, third test, scientists appointed rest. Monitoring of indicators was carried out during the tests and after five and 60 minutes.

Батьки повинні залучити підлітків до фізичної активності, і ось чому

Children need to bring to sport to promote health / pxhere

Through the hours of intensive exercise blood pressure in adolescents was lower than the rest – a phenomenon known as hypotension, manifested as a result of exercise. However, after the second test, hypotension was not observed.

Blood pressure came to normal in the first 20 minutes. According to scientists, these figures show various advantages during sports activities of various intensity. Lowering blood pressure with enhanced activity in adolescence may have long-term benefits in the future, if there is a risk of high blood pressure.

However, the researchers noticed that the sample is small and does not include girls. In addition, they used non-invasive methods of control that could affect the measurement results. So they will continue further study examined adolescents with disorders of the heart.

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