Paris attracts less and less

    Paris attracts less and less

    “Apartment life here, the big buildings, the neighbors, the people who are disrespectful … When we found ourselves locked up during the confinement, my daughter said to me ‘mom, I want a garden, run in the grass and I want to go to the beach ‘”, remembers Violette, a Parisian. Since then, she has regularly frequented websites which are multiplying:, Dé, etc. They each give their share of tips and advice.

    It must be said that Paris does not really make everyone dream anymore: in the annual ranking of the most attractive metropolises in France, Paris plunges to 18th place out of 20 (it was 14th in 2019). Only Nancy and Marseille are less well classified. At the top of the list, produced by Parisjob and Régionsjob, we find Rennes (like last year), ahead of Nantes, then Strasbourg. This classification takes into account the quality of life, its cost, its economic dynamism and the quality of its leisure activities. It thus confirms what we sensed during confinement: more and more Parisians dream of elsewhere and they are also more and more numerous to leave the capital and its suburbs.

    Adrien, who runs one of the websites to help or inspire future starters, has taken the plunge for his 30th birthday. It was in August, he left for the southwest: “For me, it was a life at a thousand miles an hour and it’s a good time, but not forever. It was out of the question that we build a family, that we have a child in Paris.”

    But leaving Paris is no longer necessarily sacrificing your career for a better quality of life. Eric left his great job at Orange, in Paris, a few years ago, to join a start-up in Toulouse which has since grown. “The center of excellence was developed for the Internet of Things, it has created a whole ecosystem of start-ups, companies, economic fabric, which abound today, he says. So there was no way to go to Paris. In this area, the field of connected objects, we had to come to Toulouse and I do not regret this choice. “

    “Well, maybe it wasn’t the ideal region at the start, I was looking more for Brittany, but Limoges, why not?”

    Nicolas, Parisian who recently left

    to franceinfo

    Leaving Paris often rhymes with a radical change of life. This is the case of Nicolas, who went last week from advert hunters in an international structure to a web trainer for people with disabilities. At the same time, he left Paris for Limoges: “I found a job that I really want to invest myself in and that will give me meaning, I would tend to say, ‘whatever the salary package.’ It’s a small company, a small start-up, which has a big project. ”

    According to HelloWork, which brings together the main job offer platforms in France, 42% of Ile-de-France residents only consult job offers located outside the region. Residents of other regions are only 10 to 12% to consider moving.

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