Paris Center town hall is organizing a raffle to help traders

    Paris Center town hall is organizing a raffle to help traders

    The City of Paris Center, which brings together the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th arrondissements of the capital, had an idea to help traders in its area. She is organizing a big raffle for “promote and support independent local businesses hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis“, specifies the town hall in a press release. gift vouchers, which will be distributed, should encourage residents to go and buy in shops near them.

    The City of Paris Center has allocated a budget of several tens of thousands of euros for this raffle which helps to support traders but also the purchasing power of the inhabitants of the area.

    Required registrations

    The traders and artisans who want to participate have until January 17 2020 to register at this address: [email protected]

    The inhabitants of Paris Center will also need to register. For them, the opening of registrations will be on January 20 and they will end on February 28.

    Those who will be drawn will receive a 30 euros gift voucher. This amount will be spent in the shops of Paris Center which participate in this initiative.

    The draw is scheduled for March 12. The results will be announced a few days later on March 16.

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