Paris City Hall promises “clear and transparent information”

    Paris City Hall promises “clear and transparent information”

    A 5G telephony antenna (Illustration). – SYSPEO / SIPA

    The mayor of Paris promised, on Wednesday, “clear and transparent information” concerning the deployment of 5G in the capital, which will be preceded by an update of the mobile telephony charter.

    “The main demand (of citizens) is that of clear, transparent information, sourced to say what we know, what we do not know and make it available to citizens”, noted Paul Simondon, deputy in charge of the budget and green finance. And it is “the first commitment that I can make”, he assured in front of the councilors of Paris, after the presentation of the conclusions of a consultation organized by the town hall.

    Recycling of equipment claimed

    A metropolitan citizens’ conference, made up of 20 Parisians and 60 metropolitan residents, had been set up by the municipality to debate and make recommendations on 5G, but without questioning them on their desire for its deployment or not. In its conclusions, those polled asked for “open, transparent information” on the consequences of its establishment, and pleaded for “recycling of equipment”, according to the results unveiled by AFP on Saturday.

    “We will get back to them (the 80 citizens) to tell them where we are. We will take stock at the latest within a year to tell you where we are and how the various recommendations have become actions, ”Anne Hidalgo pledged. The rebellious elected Danielle Simonnet regretted that the PS mayor of Paris did not organize a moratorium, preferring the model of a citizens’ conference. In addition, “it was to invite (citizens) to issue recommendations within the framework of a deployment of 5G”, reproached the elected.

    An accessible antenna mapping

    For the communist Jean-Noël Acqua, there is in this debate a “great absentee” in this case the question of “industrial production: without industrial control, we are dependent on choices that are not ours”. “What about the 1,400 layoffs to come in the R & D of the ex-Alcatel specializing in 5G, following its takeover by Nokia favored by Emmanuel Macron? “, He questioned, believing that by closing production in France,” we are voluntarily cutting ourselves off from levers on the choices to come “.

    The right-wing mayor of the 17th arrondissement, Geoffroy Boulard (LR), pleaded for the establishment of a “Pact for a responsible, intelligent digital technology, with a positive impact for Parisians”, providing for “transparency in the establishment of new branches: widely accessible mapping, systematic simulations of wave fields, public meetings ”, in particular. With his group “Change Paris”, the elected representative wanted the town hall to plead “with mobile telephone operators to integrate in their commercial offers at least one” Fairphone “(environmentally and socially responsible smartphone, easier to repair)” .

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