Paris Jackson has faced with excessive obsession of the fan

Пэрис Джексон столкнулась с излишней навязчивостью поклонника

Fans rarely enjoy their famous idols. Not so long ago in the house Taylor swift double penetrated by the fans. Now blonde sells all real estate in America, planning to move to the UK. However, it seems Paris Jackson had also experienced excessive obsession with one of the admirers of his talent. According to Western media, the popular heiress received a temporary restraining order to a young man. In fact, according to blonde, the man has repeatedly harassed her and also threatened with a shotgun. For the first time the actress and a fan was found a few weeks ago. The man saw Paris, when a celebrity left the recording Studio.

Writes 20-year-old Jackson managed to establish the identity of the Stalker. It appeared to be Nicolas Lewis Stevens. The family of a celebrity was told that the young man several times watched Paris waiting for the actress for 15 hours. Friends of the heiress failed to establish that the man just wanted to talk, but to kill the blonde. Also close to the successor of the king of pop learned that Stevens was preparing an attempt on the star television. Fortunately, the friends Jackson immediately contacted the police, who helped obtain a temporary restraining order. By the way, the officers advised Paris to stop communicating with the fans, and also to limit contact on social networks.

Recall that a few days ago, the Jackson family was another tragedy. After a long struggle with cancer, died on 89-year-old grandfather of a celebrity. Paris has already expressed condolences on his page in social network Instagram. Nevertheless, the popular blonde has admitted that he hopes to meet the legendary Ghost of a relative.


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