Paris: Romeo, the teenager who makes visors for caregivers, still has a big heart

    Paris: Romeo, the teenager who makes visors for caregivers, still has a big heart

    If the pace has slowed down and if he is now working on more personal projects such as creating with his 3D printer a rocket capable of climbing to an altitude of 100 m and returning without breakage, it is his generous action and solidarity which earned Romeo center stage last spring and even this fall.

    3,500 masks manufactured

    A college student at the time – he is now a high school student in Pierre-Gilles de Gennes – this young inhabitant of the 13th arrondissement started during the first confinement in the manufacture of visors for nursing staff – in particular at the Poplar hospital or for two Ehpad – at the time in great shortage.

    He made between 3,300 and 3,500 in his room with his non-professional equipment. “A family adventure”, as his mother Julie likes to point out. Because if it was Romeo who decided to embark on this incredible altruistic experience, he was supported by the whole clan including one of his aunts. And even a solidarity adventure because an online kitty allowed him to carry out this crazy project after having launched it on family funds.

    A fresco in his honor rue Brillat-Savarin

    “I still make a few masks that I give to a pharmacy or to an orthodontist but now the activity is calmer because everyone can find them”, explains the teenager who is keen on science. So much so that for Christmas, he will have the right to courses worthy of an engineer as a gift to perfect his know-how. It is true that at 11, he asked his parents … a 3D printer while his children of his age are more eyeing a games console, a laptop or a skateboard.

    In his Georges-Braque college, he had acquired a good reputation, also helped in this by the mayor of his arrondissement – Jérôme Coumet (related to PS) – who had not hesitated to support the project. The artist C215, moved by this initiative, has even just produced a fresco in his honor which should be inaugurated at the beginning of the year in rue Brillat-Savarin.

    While waiting to see his rocket project take off, Romeo uses his talents to make everyday objects and in particular Christmas decorations. A high school student with a big heart and a full head who will have marked this year 2020.

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