Paris: several illegal parties end in arrests

    Paris: several illegal parties end in arrests

    CLANDESTINE PARTIES – The police intervened again in the night from Saturday to Sunday to put an end to the evenings organized in Paris and in its inner suburbs despite the curfew. Four people were also arrested after another clandestine party organized last weekend near Matignon.

    – Léa LUCAS

    Four people, we learned this Sunday, were referred Friday to the Paris prosecutor’s office for “endangering the life of others by the manifestly deliberate violation of the health rules in force and the legislation relating to establishments open to the public”. They were given a summons for a hearing on January 8 and were placed under judicial supervision.

    What are they blamed for? The organization of an illegal evening of a hundred people on Saturday December 12, despite the anti-Covid containment measures. Gestures barriers and masks were obviously not in the game. The revelers had gathered in a triplex in the seventh arrondissement of the capital. Ironically, the apartment was near Matignon, residence of Prime Minister Jean Castex, who never ceases to call for vigilance.

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    It was one of the participants, ousted from the evening, who had alerted the police. The next day, an investigation was launched, before the four individuals were arrested during the week. Among them: the two organizers, one of whom admitted the facts, who had taken care of the rental of the apartment, the supply of alcohol as well as the recruitment of the DJ and the bouncer. As well as two “touts” in charge of an Instagram account intended to select the participants.

    New underground parties on Saturday night

    But this clandestine evening is far from isolated. No later than on the night of Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 December, the police again intervened twice in Paris and in its inner suburbs, according to information from TF1 and LCI. In Ivry-sur-Seine around 2:30 am, first, in a loft where 150 people had gathered. The person in charge of the room had started to remove the participants before the arrival of the BAC police officers, but when they intervened, there were still 50 on site. Appraisal: 47 verbalizations and the arrest of the organizer, placed in police custody within the territorial security. He was caught because customers had surrounded him to prevent him from leaving before being reimbursed – he still had 2,700 euros on him at the time of his arrest. The man had rented a loft, explaining that it was for a clip, but the owner realized during the evening that it was actually a clandestine party.

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    At around 3:30 a.m. then, the Parisian police intervened in a restaurant in the 19th arrondissement, supposed to be closed, where about twenty people were gathered in ignorance of the health rules in force. Minutes for non-compliance with the curfew were drawn up, the organizer of the evening was arrested. The Paris public prosecutor’s office tells LCI that it was placed in custody for the heads of concealed work and endangered the lives of others. Another person present was arrested and placed in police custody for acts of violence against a person holding public authority during the control.

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