Paris Vintage – 1966

    Paris Vintage – 1966

    The photo is legendary: We find there among others Eddy Mitchell, France Gall, Claude François, Serge Gainsbourg, Sheila, Michel Berger, Christophe, Adamo, Françoise Hardy, Richard Anthony Hervé Villard, Sylvie Vartan and of course the number 1 d ‘between them: Johnny Hallyday, who that same year 66 became the father of a little David, born at the Belvédère clinic in Boulogne Billancourt.

    1966 in Paris, in the large living room of the Elysée, General de Gaulle’s press conferences go well beyond music hall numbers, especially since it is the main interested party who puts on the show!

    1966, Parisians discover the ancestor of Mac Donald or KFC, the Wimpy fast restaurants, created by the industrialist Jacques Borel. A little too ahead of his time, Jacques Borel calls his Wimpys: “the cafes of the year 2000”!

    Two more years and Jacques Borel will launch the first road restaurants. In the meantime, the Parisians must drive in one go on the A13, the Normandy motorway, before making a restaurant in Deauville, just like Jean Louis Trintignant and Anouk Aimé in Lelouch’s film “ A man, a woman ».

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