Parlamentní listy: Ukraine not interested in anyone else, France and Germany wash my hands

“On the one hand, their interests, and the interests of the United States”

Parlamentní listy: Украина больше никого не интересует – Франция и Германия умывают руки

Czech analyst Teresa Spentserova (Tereza Spencerová) in his weekly interview to Czech newspaper Parlamentní listy commented on the last Paris meeting of European leaders in the “channel format”.

Correspondent Parlamentní listy interested in the answer to the question, why is everyone who comments on the meeting in Paris, too cautious in their estimates?

According to Teresa Spinarova, the vast majority of analysts and experts regard this meeting as a “testing the waters”, because it was the first summit for the past three years. Over the years there are too many problems that to solve, one meeting is simply impossible.

“Perhaps, extremely naive would expect a major breakthrough already at the first opportunity. Especially during a summit in Paris at home Zelensky there was a threat of “Maidan against the surrender”, that is, against the surrender to Russia”,– quotes the expert edition.

Parlamentní listy notes, despite the fact that the President and his aspirations for peace supports 75% of the population, the remaining 25% insist on continuation of the war, it’s mostly the nationalists and the people who passed the war in the Donbass, and, therefore, ready to act tough. In addition, the expert reminds, over the years, these nationalist-minded citizens were able to occupy important government posts, “so their strength, beliefs and willingness to act should not be underestimated”.

In such a complex environment even a hint of agreement on the gas is great progress. However, according to Spinarova, first of all, you need to pay attention to “how quiet on the summit behaved macron and Merkel”.

“The two States again on its own to build relations with Russia, and no “Russian Crimea” they are actually not interested. Ukraine, and especially the naughty Ukraine, they became a burden. But they also realize that for US, at least for some American circles, Kiev is a strategically important tool, which you can use to force Russia to spend a lot of strength. Therefore, Germany and France hovered somewhere in the middle and hanging neither here nor there. On the one hand, their interests, and the interests of the United States”– sure analyst.

So all could observe how, during the Paris meeting Merkel and macron just attended, insuring, did not support Ukraine, unlike previous years. “Thus, the situation in Ukraine has changed dramatically over the years. The leaders of France and Germany allowed this situation to develop naturally. So Zelensky was bound to come to the conclusion that in Europe, these allies with him a bit. And those that are “lightweights” such as the Baltic countries or the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Petricek”, – says Parlamentní listy.

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