Parliament has established a Commission to investigate the activities of a number of Ukrainian channels

Рада создала комиссию по расследованию деятельности ряда украинских каналов

© Photo : page of NewsOne TV channel in Instagram. Studio channel NewsOne. Archival photos ofParliament of Ukraine created temporary Commission of inquiry to investigate the activities of the TV channel “112.Ukraine”, NewsOne and ZIK and ensure that counter the “information impact” of the Russian Federation, the decision on the meeting on Thursday was supported by 278 deputies with the required minimum of 226 votes.Earlier the national Council concerning television and radio broadcasting decided not to renew the licenses of five of the six digital broadcasters, which includes the structure of the TV channel “112.Ukraine”. Regarding NewsOne, the regulator also decided on the suspension of a license, the case was sent to the court, which must decide the fate of the channel, against ZIK appointed an unscheduled inspection. TV “112 Ukraine”, NewsOne and Zik belong to the associate head of the political Council of the party “Opposition platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk Taras Kozak.
“The purpose of the temporary investigative Commission is the prevention of monopolization in the sphere of information market and television broadcasting, limiting the influence of the Russian Federation in the information space and counter threats to national security in information space”, – stated in the text of the resolution.According to the document, the main tasks of the Commission will be a holistic review of the circumstances of the acquisition, sources of payments and receipts of funds during the change of owners of television NewsOne, “112 Ukraine”, ZIK; checking information on a separate distribution channels of ideas and theses which allegedly may threaten the interests of national security, defense and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Channels are also suspected of conducting information operations aimed at undermining the defense, demoralization of the armed forces of Ukraine.The head of the investigative Commission and Parliament elected the MP from the ruling party “servant of the people” Olga Wasilewska-Smaglyuk, Deputy head of the Commission – the Deputy from fraction “the Voice” Alexander Ustinov. The Commission will work for six months, the results of its work in Parliament will be published.
Kozak said earlier that he was summoned for questioning by the security Service of Ukraine on the circumstances of the purchase of TV channel “112.Ukraine”, also during interrogation it was about his alleged treason. He later noted that he was interrogated on three articles: “terrorism”, “financing of terrorism” and “legalization of the means received by a criminal way”.Earlier, the TV channel “Russia-1” announced that on 12 July between him and the channel NewsOne, Kyiv will host the teleconference. The announcement has caused discontent among the Ukrainian politicians and journalists. In addition, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine opened a criminal case under article “attempted treason” in connection with plans to hold a teleconference. Later, the channel said that refuses to conduct the teleconference because of threats in his address. The national Council on TV has appointed an unscheduled inspection of the TV channel NewsOne.

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