Parliament is preparing to land. Four main question about voting for the sale of black soil

Рада готовится к земле. Четыре главных вопроса о голосовании по распродаже черноземов

Photo of Agriculture of Ukraine,Vladimir Zelensky Today appealed to the Ukrainians and told how to work the land market in Ukraine.

Just glad tomorrow will consider a bill on the sale of agricultural land. Apparently this ze and timed his appeal.

The intentions of the “servants of the people” to allow the sale of farmland are meager support. Most of the villagers strongly opposed this initiative. Mainly because it asconit land ownership in the hands of large landowners, both Ukrainian and foreign.

About the last President and addressed the nation. He assured that the admission of foreigners to the land market in Ukraine will be allowed only on the results of the referendum. This amendment will be made in the law between the first and second reading. And while buying land you can Ukrainian individuals and companies.
However, there is an obvious loophole – after all, it’s not forbidden to sell to foreigners a company that has already acquired land. At least, such bans have ze was not declared.

“Country” answers the main questions about the sale of Ukrainian land.

1. Why do I want to enter the land market?

The removal of the moratorium on land sales was a long-standing demand of the Ukrainian Western partners and creditors. However, the power under a President that step was not.

First, most of the agrarian oligarchs did not want to change the domestic status quo: all the land has long been divided between large agricultural holdings, which are in fact owned acres of the long-term lease.

Second, against this was set a population. After all, let a rental agreement and a long-term, but in extreme cases it is possible and to break. And sold the land will not return. In addition, many villagers fear that the criminals will force them to sell the land for a pittance.

Zelensky initially went on elections with slogans of introduction of a land market. That was entirely in the paradigm of the West. And perhaps that is what resulted in almost unanimous support of the election of see in Europe and the United States.

And the team that picked Zelensky, consisted of “young reformers”: recipient of Western grants and supporters of IMF prescriptions, one of which is the sale of land. And always with the admission of foreign business.

But demand for this – many years. But the question has passed in a practical plane just now. Probably because the earth is one of the few Ukrainian assets, which can give short-term tide of big money – how to budget and into the pockets of the ruling elite. This Luggage power Zelensky can work up to the end of his term.

Despite the fact that other sources of “easy money” has been exhausted. Therefore, the question arose on earth. Moreover, it is directly linked with the provision of IMF loans.

2. Why is the question of foreigners stumbling block was?

Here again, two aspects – agrobotany and simple villagers.

Foreigners as full-fledged buyers of farmland is competing with Ukrainian agrarian oligarchy, which I would like first to access the land market and buy up all the tidbits for relatively little money. In fact, just legalizing what they have now. If there is competition from foreigners will have to pay more and not the fact that the Ukrainian oligarchs this price race stand.

The leases almost everywhere has long been recorded that the tenant has the preferential right of redemption plot after the lifting of the moratorium. However, if the land market come the foreigners who have the money, physically more, the implementation of these treaties makes no sense.

Of course, if a tenant of land is not a company with foreign capital, of which there are many in Ukraine – they control about 3.5 million hectares of land. Of the 42’s.

Simple villagers usually go to the paradigm of large agricultural holdings, or the “masters” that are running. In addition there is the fear that the aliens are more aggressive to use the land and make it for many years unsuitable for agriculture.

Also, it is believed that foreign owners, particularly large multinational agricultural holdings will be virtually unaccountable to the Ukrainian authorities: for them at the international level will fit their governments and extinguish any attempts to force foreign investors to enforce the same environmental regulations (similar situation is with “Krivorozhstal”).

3. Why ze offered the option of a referendum?

The main problem with foreigners, as you can see, because of agrobionova. They once already from the sale of land do not leave, want to get rid of competitors and therefore against access to the land market to foreigners. But the agricultural lobby is very strong in the Parliament and no compromise with it law it is difficult to conduct.

And Vladimir Zelensky was thus on the stretch on one side of the opening of the land market and the admission of foreigners require in the West. On the other hand it does not want in Ukraine (so say the polls), but agrobotany ready to accept it with the condition of the ban on selling to foreigners.

So ze came up with a clever move – not to deny the aliens directly, but hide behind the opinion of the people through a referendum.

But what does this move?

4. So will the land be sold at all and, if so, whether to buy foreigners?

At the same time, the idea of a referendum has not yet negate the loopholes that lawmakers leave for foreigners.

The bill that Parliament will consider this week, several of them.

The document States that foreigners are not allowed to buy Ukrainian land until January 1, 2024. But if a company with foreign capital already operating in Ukraine for at least three years, the restrictions do not apply and she will be able to buy the land immediately at the time of launch of the market.

As mentioned, such companies in Ukraine is already there.

Another loophole – at the stage of opening of market for dummies created by Ukrainian company which buys land, and then, after 2024 and its shares are officially sold out to foreigners.

That is the main problem – the fact that the land market is allowed to legal entities. Even if they have Ukrainian origin, they may at any time enter foreign capital. And even if the referendum people will say that access to land market only Ukrainian companies, formally Zelensky and Glad nothing is broken. A Ukrainian company then buy foreign.

In “the Servant of the people” idea to sell the land did not support the part of the deputies-mazhoritarshchik who traditionally rebel against the leadership of the faction.

“Read the abstracts of the party on the ground. Really liked this one:

the right of prodavati I kupovati land matimati lachey Ukrainian of the Ukrainian hamadani compan, zasnovan viklyuchno ukrainskimi gromadyanami.

And then the Ukrainian citizens in line with the law sell their businesses to foreigners.

You have quite the suckers keep?”, – wrote the people’s Deputy Oleksandr Dubinsky.

“The issue of dual citizenship let’s still propane. And nothing must change,” he said.

Рада готовится к земле. Четыре главных вопроса о голосовании по распродаже черноземов

“Comrades, I would like to clarify one small question.
In the case of the opening of the land market, if something goes wrong, as planned, to protect the interests of the affected citizens and the interests of the state is the attorney General Ryaboshapka, right?”, – asks the MP Max Buzhansky.

Рада готовится к земле. Четыре главных вопроса о голосовании по распродаже черноземов

“Zelensky made an appeal to all of us for opening the agricultural land market.

Main. Between the first and second reading to the bill will be introduced rules on which to buy land can only Ukrainians and Ukrainian companies, the founders of which are the Ukrainians. The right of purchase of land by foreigners will be decided by a national referendum. Great, Mr. President. But there are questions. Why not be the first reading? And why no word about whether foreigners buy the companies that own the land and the founders of which are the Ukrainians? If foreigners will be able to buy such corporate rights, the price of your words, penny, and foreigners buying land.

And, Yes. Now we will closely follow all the foreigners whom You will give the citizenship of Ukraine. If any of them accidentally buy agricultural land, You will finish badly,” scitech the head of the tenants Union of Ukraine Alexander Skubchenko.

Рада готовится к земле. Четыре главных вопроса о голосовании по распродаже черноземов

“Listen Zelensky on the sale of land and referendum. Don’t even know what to say.

So in order to sell Ukrainian land to ask anything of the Ukrainians do not need.

They will ask, well, when I want to sell it to foreigners? But it’s nonsense.

And if the party legal entity, Ukrainian, decide to sell its stake in the Ukrainian company, the foreigner/s already AFTER the legal purchase of a legal entity of the earth?

This is what will deprive Yur.the person of the right of ownership?

This is what will lead to the elimination of legal.face? Well, for whom it is intended?

And just write a sane law failed? “Couldn’t I?” It is necessary to finish its amendments to the second reading? From his knees? In a hurry?

Very bad. Very,” writes lawyer, Olena Lukash.

Thus, all will depend on – do tomorrow in Parliament votes or not. Will definitely vote a big part of the faction “people’s Servants” and “the Voice.” Definitely will not vote, “the Opposition platform”. For the rest you have questions.

“It all depends on how many public servants will vote. And there will be enough “Voices” to cover the loss. And while it is unclear exactly how many there are votes for the bill even after promising Zelensky on the referendum,” – said “Country,” a source in “the Servant of the people”.Vic Wenk

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