Parliament wants the Kuban region, at the Vladivostok

Верховная Рада хочет Кубань по самый Владивосток

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Why Ukrainian patriots believe someone else’s land their own.

A group of nationalist deputies decided to organize in the Verkhovna Rada interfractional Association “Kuban”, which aims to return native Ukrainian lands North of the Caucasus. This officially declared by the Deputy from “European solidarity” Alexey Goncharenko, and among the members of the future unions of noticeable familiar names former speaker Andrew Parubiya, Ahmed Chiygoza, Volyn apologist Bandera Igor Guzya and a whole group of Lviv — Oleg Synyutky, Sofia Fedinand Solomiya Bobrovskayawho really want to grab a piece of the Sunny black sea coast.

The reasons for this initiative is quite clear. It is aimed at torpedoing the peace process in the Donbass, as if to show that Ukrainian patriots not only do not want to give the aggressor an inch of Donetsk land, but going to take Russia Kuban — for the far East, which is also in their representation of the native Ukrainian land.

Such a demonstration of Imperial intent had already taken place under the Poroshenko — when the Kyiv authorities have decided to rename the street of Marshal Zhukov to street of the Kuban Ukraine. However, the history of the “Cuban question” is even deeper — claims to Ukrainian Kuban always voiced in the circles of the patriots since the beginning of the last century, and each card “Ukrainian native land”, from Polish and Russian Xiang Dong, necessarily included the fat of the land North of the Caucasus.

The only difference is that if some nationalists modestly limited in its territorial ambitions of the so-called Crimson Wedge, i.e. the Kuban to the borders of the former black sea Cossack army and other Patriotic politicians brought the borders of the future Ukrainian Empire up to the Caspian coast to the Volga, and even to Kazakhstan, which once dreamed of a prominent figure of the OUN and outright fascist Michael Kolodzinski.

After the victory of Euromaidan all of these claims openly voiced on the official level, in the statements of high-ranking Ukrainian officials.

“I think, maybe, of the Kerch bridge is not such a bad thing if we are after the return of the Crimea will be able to safely return and Kuban. Next we have the question of de-occupation of the Kuban” — said the former Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelian, who also loved to dream aloud about the yellow-blue flag over the Vladivostok.

“Sooner or later we must return the native Ukrainian land — Kurschinu, Bryansk, Voronichin, Rostopshina and Krasnodar Krai. This is where there is a Ukrainian nature, Ukrainian mentality,” said the radio station “Era” the head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Paul Zhebrivsky.

“Kuban, the don, Russian policy… Voronezhshina dash put on the Crimea: “now is the Russian land”. Well, this is dash we can also arrange. Ukraine has the potential to show where the Ukrainian earth”, — was said right-wing MP Dmitry Yarosh.

“The territory of the Kuban — at least the Western part of the Krasnodar territory, Ukraine may receive as compensation for Russia’s losses. And since the amount of the loss is enormous, the Russian Federation simply give us a portion of their territories. It would be quite logical — as reparations after the war. Although in a situation of destabilization of Russia, which will be caused by the economic crisis and mandatory in this case, the parade of sovereignties, Kuban, and she may be joining the Ukraine. The only mission of Ukraine then there will be the following: to prepare the Kuban to the fact that their edge will return in a Big country, to carry out propaganda work, to remind that Kuban Cossacks are descendants of Ukrainians, Cossacks”, — says the Director of the Center for foreign policy studies Sergei Parkhomenko, according to which Krasnodarie just waiting for their call in the country of victorious European dignity.

Dreaming out loud of the Kuban, the Ukrainian patriots usually remember that in 1918 the Kuban Cossacks sought to unite with Ukraine, but modestly silent about the fact that in the negotiations with Kiev participated Kuban people’s Republic, the name of which is more than ambiguous sounds in the modern context of Ukrainian politics. But most importantly, they do not understand that unabashed desire for exclusion and the capture of the “Eastern lands” does not fit with the advertised image of the victim of the aggression of the state which defends its territory from the encroachments of the aggressor. And this clearly will cause confusion in the EU. Because the day will come, and in the Ukrainian Parliament may create the Association under the name “UPA” or “southern Bukovina”, which obviously will not be happy Bucharest and Warsaw.

Of course, the fiery simulation of the struggle for Ukrainian Kuban more of everything you need for a banal PR-exposure of politicians like Alexei Goncharenko, who is trying to regain the elusive attention of the top information resources. However, she welcomes the attention and sympathy some representatives of the Russian liberal intelligentsia. For example, the Kuban initiative of the Verkhovna Rada was supported by theater Director Joseph Raihelgauzand people’s artist of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Russian University of theatre arts and artistic Director of one of Moscow theatres.

“Dear Alexey! Very interesting idea! Ready to help in any way,” he wrote on Facebook page of the Deputy Goncharenko. Although the situation when the Russian Director Raihelgauz intends to help the nationalists in the gathering of Ukrainian lands, looks at least comical.

Meanwhile, one of the Ukrainian bloggers pointedly reminded that Moscow was also submitted to the Grand Duke with a table in Kiev. Further expanding the territorial claims of the Ukrainian lap of the army.Andrey Manchuk

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