Parrots swearing at visitors to a nature reserve

Parrots swearing at visitors to a nature reserve

Five parrots from Lincolnshire Nature Reserve in the UK had to be removed from their public enclosure because they swore at visitors.

The incidents occurred on numerous occasions and also targeted employees of the nature reserve.

“It was gone crazy, they were all swearing!” Steve Nichols, the reserve manager, told CNN. “We were concerned about the children,” he added.

Mr. Nichols was also a victim of the birds. “He called me a big t ** every time I walked past the paddock,” he said.

Named Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson, and Billy, these African gray parrots were donated to the reserve by five different owners within a week. Upon arrival, they were all placed for observation in the same location.

And from the first moments, their inappropriate behavior could be observed by the employees of the park.

“After a short time, they literally started to swear at each other. “F ** k off” is arguably the most used curse. It's very easy for them to learn, ”Nichols explained.

The latter adds that birds are able to utter “anything you can think of”.

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