Part discount for Crevier

Since she was very small, Axelle Crevier-cherished dream of participating in the olympic Games. She was on the brink of achieving its goal for the first time, but the pandemic of the sars coronavirus has thwarted his plans.

“I understand very well the decision of the COC [canadian olympic Committee] and the IOC [International Olympic Committee]. This is the best “, said the athlete was 23 years old at the end of the wire. “Despite everything, this was a new difficult to swallow.

“Be at the Games in a few months, it was becoming something concrete to me. For all the girls, it is hard to accept. However, if one wants to remedy the situation [of the COVID-19], it is the best decision. “

Water polo is a sport physical, and training camps are all the same. The athletes, who were heading to the Tokyo Games, have seen several years of efforts not to be rewarded.

“My career is still young, has added Crevier. This is not a question of effort, but of mental preparation that was focused on the olympic Games in Tokyo. The work I’ve put in doesn’t go all to the trash. There are several experiments [in which] I’m going to be able to serve me in the next few years. “

For its first participation in the olympic Games, Crevier was to be accompanied by her mother. Marie-Claude Deslières, which has already been part of the national team of water polo, had to go to Japan as arbitrator.

“My mother is a support in this situation, has specified the poloïste. Like me, it cancels its plans for the Games. “

Always in training

Despite the postponement of the olympic Games, Crevier continues to keep the form in solo. She is also training as a team with one application.

“Our directives of the leaders of the national program are to keep us in shape in order to avoid that the return is too difficult, she said. I am doing the cardio and exercises you can do at home.

“It is restricted, but you must be active everyday. All exercises are specific to our sport are a bit to the water. The intensity is not maximum. “

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