Participants of the Ural cultural forum presented a mammoth Lyuba

Участникам Уральского культурного форума представили мамонтенка Любу

The exhibition “40,000 years and winters. The long sleep of a baby mammoth Lyuba” was opened in the Sverdlovsk regional local lore Museum in the Ural cultural forum. Her Museum-exhibition complex in Salekhard has presented the original of the mummy of Lyuba baby mammoth, reports TASS.

According to the Director of the institution Tatiana Koptseva, the exhibition “40,000 years and winters. The long sleep of a baby mammoth Lyuba” in Ekaterinburg brought for the first time.

“We want to show not only the uniqueness of this paleontological findings, but also those mythological, artistic images that are so concerned about indigenous peoples. Mammoth, mammoth is a special hero of our stories,” said Koptseva.

The mummy of the mammoth age 42 thousand years was discovered by reindeer herder Yuri khudi on the Yamal Peninsula in may 2007. The find was named in honor of his wife. The animal was drowned in the river when he was not more than one year. According to experts, the mummy is especially valuable since the body of the mammoth was preserved almost completely. The original is kept in the Museum and exhibition complex im. I. S. Shemanovsky in Salekhard. However, the exhibit actively participates in Russian exhibitions and abroad. The mummy of a baby mammoth Lyuba visited the UK, Germany, China, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia.

We will remind, the first Ural cultural forum started in Yekaterinburg on 5 June. Concerts, lectures and plenary meetings will be rotated until 8 June. The purpose of the forum – consolidation of the creative centers of the Ural Federal district. The event will be held at 44 venues and will bring together over three thousand participants and two hundred experts.