Parties in the sea, they had no knowledge of the pandemic

Partis en mer, ils n’avaient aucune connaissance de la pandémie

A british couple who were sailing to sailing around the world since 2017, had no idea that the rest of the planet fought against the pandemic COVID-19.

Elena Manighetti and Ryan Osborne made their way into the Caribbean from the Canary islands last month aboard their sailboat, unaware of the pandemic.

Private telecommunications network during their crossing of the Atlantic, the couple had planned to land on a small island after 25 days on the high seas.

But at the time they were able to get in contact with the land, they have learned that the boundaries of the island were closed, according to BBC News. They have the same time aware of the pandemic.

“In February, we had heard that China was affected by a virus. With the little information we had, we thought this would be finished by the time we get in the Caribbean,” says Elena.

“But at our arrival, we realized that this process was not completed and that the entire world had been infected,” adds Ryan.

Due to a limited access to the internet, and little contact with their loved ones, Elena and Ryan did nothing.

“We had asked our friends not to share bad news,” said Mrs Manighetti.

Their arrival on the French territory in the Caribbean, Ryan struggled to believe that the borders were closed because of the COVID-19.

“We have assumed that it was a preventive measure due to the high season [tourist]. It was thought that the islands just did not want to run the risk of contaminating the premises with the presence of tourists,” said Mr Osborne.

The couple has changed its trajectory to the destination of Saint-Vincent, where they used their GPS data to prove they were in “quarantine” for nearly a month, reports BBC News.

“We don’t want to leave St. Vincent for the time being since there is no other place to go. We hope to be able to leave before the hurricane season beginning in June,” says Ryan.

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