Party COVID-19: “I call it a game of Russian roulette”

Party de COVID-19: «J’appelle ça une game de roulette russe»

The gatherings of people in order to contract the COVID-19, and as well to develop herd immunity against the virus are a very bad idea, warns Dr. François Marquis, chief of the intensive care unit of the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont.

“I can’t say that I have not thought of myself, because it would allow us to get rid of our protective equipment. But when you start to you use your brain a little bit, it is a well, well, well bad idea,” he said.

This type of “party” is well known to many of the parents who are with their children, they get chickenpox. But the new coronavirus can not be compared to this childhood disease.

“Chickenpox is a disease that is extremely common, which is harmless to children, but it can be dangerous for adults, and that we can never catch up. This is ideal,” explained the doctor.

Dr. Marquis insists on the fact that the current studies do not demonstrate that we can develop a complete immunity against the COVID-19.

“Here, we speak of a coronavirus for which one is not convinced that it develops an immunity so extraordinary in the long term. The question arises, but that is not certain. And we know that there are young healthy adults who will die.”

He warned that the rallies can have very serious consequences.

“People hang onto a lot on the word “party” and not too much on the word COVID. Because a party that ends up in the icu, intubated for a month with a hole in the throat, and after that with months of rehabilitation, if we do not end up in the hole… I no longer call it a party, I call it a game of Russian roulette,” quipped the doctor.

Drawing the short straw

Although the statistics show that young people develop few complications, Dr. François Marquis puts a flat.

“When it is said that young people have few complications, this is not true, he said. It is, as a group, they have few complications. I have young people who have drawn the short straw and had the total as if they had 90 years ago.”

The doctor wishes that this practice does not become commonplace as it may cause a blockage in the network of the health.

“As a manager of the health network, I don’t have the luxury currently of dealer with a large party of COVID, especially not if it was the size of a St. John or a public gathering”, he admitted.

A panic such as in NURSING homes

The head of the intensive care unit of the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont explains that the parties of immunization are quite the opposite of the principle of flattening of the curve.

“It pulls the curve toward the top for everyone to be sick at the same time,” he explained.

In the case of chickenpox, this type of gathering does not pose a problem since it does not clog the system of health. But the story is not the same for the coronavirus.

“A party of COVID will pull the curve toward the top and I will have all of a sudden a flood of sick patients to the intensive care unit. This is not a good idea currently, but it is really not a good idea.”

The situation could quickly escalate, according to the doctor. “We will like to create a panic of CHSLD in the general population”, he concluded.

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