Party for Sentsov. Will the Director’s political career and and here Pinchuk

Партия для Сенцова. Начнет ли режиссер политическую карьеру и причем здесь Пинчук

The founder of the forum of YES Victor Pinchuk (left) welcomes Director Oleg Sentsov, photo: yes-ukraine.orgthe Political future of Director Oleg Sentsov, a member of a large exchange of detained persons between Ukraine and Russia – now the most intrigue.

Sentsov said that policy is not going to, but based on some of his actions, this cannot be ruled out.

Details – in the material “of the Country.”

The policy in question

Recently Sentsov made a statement: he intends to establish a human rights organization under the Fund, may in its name.

The focus will be, apparently – in the struggle for the liberation of “prisoners of the Kremlin” – citizens of Ukraine, prisoners in Russia and in uncontrolled Kiev areas of Donbass.

“Putin freed the media, the most famous that it ceased to press. I want to continue to pressure him until he will give all”, – quotes Sentsov “Interfax”.

In an interview with “New time”, he mentioned that public speaking abroad, he devotes the following topics: “Ukrainian political prisoners and Russian aggression in Ukraine.”

The Director noted that the hike in the policy speech does not go.

“I have repeatedly said that about a political career… the issue is not resolved. With the social activity resolved,” said Sentsov.

Replacement Vakarchuk

Important point: for the first post-release press conference, together with another ex-political prisoner Alexander Kolchenko, Sentsov Director thanked the “politicians” that it is not trying to “tighten in a particular political party.”

However, we should note that others going to the people was the opening of the forum YES (English abbreviation of “Yalta European strategy”) in Kiev, organized by businessman Victor Pinchuk.

And He gave the word himself President Vladimir Zelensky. Interest to the Director after a high-profile campaign for his release and exchange with Moscow, which was an event that was understandable, but that was only the case?

“It is clear that it was a public presentation of whales,” – says the former head of Committee of voters of Ukraine, and the former people’s Deputy Oleksandr Chernenko.

Does this political interest Pinchuk in Sentsov? A definite reason to talk about this.

“However, it is clear that Vakarchuk did not “shoots”, – says the expert Chernenko.

Pinchuk attributed the support of the parliamentary party “Voice” of the people’s Deputy and singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, which, however, in political power and by Vakarchuk is not recognized. After the extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada the party of Vakarchuk has created the smallest fraction, when the singer refused to lead it and generally behaves very sluggish.

Measurements of the Kiev international Institute of sociology held in October, 25% of the respondents belong to Vakarchuk positive, 37% neutral, 26% negatively, and 12% do not know of such policies.

The balance of trust/distrust is -1, whereas, for example, Zelensky it reaches +57 due to a significant greater proportion of positive to it of survey participants.

Brands in price

That plays into the hands of Sentsov?

“The society maintains a demand for new faces. Plus a niche of moral authority in politics is not filled. And Sentsov not yet discredited. But it is only in the beginning of the political journey, if you play long,” says Chernenko.

He is working against an ambiguous political history of the people’s Deputy of the eighth convocation NADIIA Savchenko (independent).

Also released from Russian prisons in exchange, Savchenko immediately went into politics and in the echelons of power as the MP. However, it occupied the line of compromise with the separatists of Donbass and the sharp opposition to the regime Poroshenko drove her to open confrontation with the authorities, and she was back behind bars.

“Savchenko discredited the phenomenon, when a person is sitting in a Russian prison, released, and then capitalisim this into a political brand. Small chance that Sentsov will become the center of political gravity and create a project with the power of your name” – the political scientist Anatoly Artisyuk.

Political analyst Andrei Zolotarev shares this view. “Sentsov in the case of a campaign in politics is waiting for the fate Savchenko. She, too, was predicted after the release of a bright political future, and three years later she failed to win election to Parliament even on the majority district”, – the expert reminds.

It refers to a closed sociology, according to which the level of trust Sentsov less than one percent. “This is a well-known figure, but a demand of society is not visible,” says Zolotarev.

Another thing, if Sentsov will call in the party list in the next election campaign to the Verkhovna Rada. “The only question is which party: the looks like he left, but is acquired in the liberal party. Not sure what to get it will be a great achievement. It is evident that he is unpredictable and unwieldy, but it’s not the best quality for team play”, – says the analyst Artisyuk.

“Sentsov – default frontman, and any accession will not bring benefit to him personally. Although the party, which could get him, of course, will win due to his fame and reputation,” contrarguments expert Oleksandr Chernenko.

Sources among political strategists close to Viktor Pinchuk, confirmed “the Country,” the interest of the oligarchy to Sentsov.

“This is the style of Victor Mikhailovich – to work with new faces, – said the source. And Sentsov seems promising man. But will result if these prospects into real political project question. In the end, was already an example of Savchenko. Though Sentsov person looks much more balanced than Hope. Additionally not very true rumors that the project “the Voice” is considered a failure. In any case it will be used in local elections. In the first place – to stand as candidates on a post of mayors of Western cities. Sentsov is, rather, with an eye on local and parliamentary elections. The party’s moderate wing with a Patriotic stance, but without the excesses Poroshenko. But it is not known when will be early parliamentary elections”.Denis Rafalsky

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