“Party of war” and the President Zelensky. “The movement against the surrender of” saving his strength for decisive action

«Партия войны» и президент Зеленский. «Движение против капитуляции» копит силы на решительные акции

© RIA Novosti, stringer, Ex-President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has invited you to a neutral site for negotiations of presidents of Ukraine and Russia. Vladimir Zelensky has already agreed to such a meeting,and the President of the Russian Federation, according to his press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, from such meetings is never refused, but believes that “meeting for the sake of meeting would be of little use”At the same time Vladimir Putin believes that it is better to focus on preparing for the meeting in the “Normandy format”, and for this to fulfill the conditions Minsk agreements. However, it is this aspect that scares Vladimir Zelensky. On the one hand, the meeting could write itself into an asset as attempts to settle the conflict, what are we waiting for many Ukrainians. On the other hand to perform the Minsk agreement Zelensky don’t or can’t because it is held hostage by an aggressive minority — the Ukrainian far right.

The last time they organize in Ukraine while a few protests, demanding to abandon the “Minsk” and withdrawal of forces in the Donbass, considering it a “capitulation.” On 12 November they were against, Nazarbayev’s meeting of the two presidents in Astana, seeing “surrender” in this. On their pages in social networks “Movement against surrender” declared the urgent mobilization and Assembly of the forum of his supporters on 15 November, and on November 21 the participants of this movement are planning to hold the chamber and “go to the Ukrainian offensive.” In fact, the nationalists threaten Zelensky new Maidan and overthrow. Their demand — a war to the “bitter end”, power capture not only the Donbas, and Crimea. That “public Servants” actually bend under the pressure of nationalists, says the recent statement by the head of the faction in Parliament, David arakhamiya, who called Minsk agreement onerous.

“To walk away from the Minsk agreements because they were originally onerous conditions, which forced us to sign during Ilovaysk and debaltseve. In order to get out of them, you need to go to a different format,” said Arakhamia.

However, so far the actions of nationalists were not numerous. Your test Assembly against the “formula Steinmeier” they was held on 6 October, with several hundred of his supporters in Kiev and a few dozen in the regions. The call for mobilization and resistance “surrender” was signed, returning from imprisonment in Russia Vladimir Baluch, President of National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” Vyacheslav Bryukhovetsky, the former Minister of education Serhiy Kvit, former head of the “Right sector” Dmitry Yarosh, former representative of Ukraine in the political sub-group on Donbass Roman Bezsmertny, the Parliament of the 8th convocation, Andrew Teeruk and Sergey Vysotsky, the Chairman of the NGO “Free people” Andrei Levus, a representative of the community “information Napalm” Michael Makaruk, the leader of the musical group “Mandry” Serhiy Fomenko, Executive Vice-President of the Congress of national communities of Ukraine Joseph Zissels , etc.

One of the organizers of this movement and the militant UNA-UNSO Igor Mazur named Topol was recently arrested in the Polish city of Lublin. It is one of the founders of the “Movement against surrender” and the assistant to the Deputy from “grantoedskogo” party “Voice” Solomiya Bobrovskaya. The headquarters is located in the center of Kiev Yaroslav Val in the office of the organization “Free the people”, created in 2013, deputies from the “popular front” Sergei Vysotsky and Andrei Levus. A few months ago, Sergei Vysotsky required to blow the opposition channels “112” NewsOne and anti-tank missiles. At the headquarters of the movement co-exist as organizations that are feeding on Western grants, and ultra-right militants with the experience: “Vidic”, “National progress”, UNSO, public movement “boundary”, “national Alliance”.

About the planned mobilization of all these nationalists at the end of November, the anniversary of the beginning of Euromaidan, Ukrainian media say the last two months. Now opponents “surrender” attempts are being made to Nazarbayev’s proposal as a pretext to attract the attention of their supporters. One of the main reasons to boost them “Servants of the people” was that the ex-President of Petro Poroshenko, who agreed to the Minsk agreements, there are very few time — and a half months he could lose parliamentary immunity, and he needs urgent revenge.

“The catalyst for the start of the protests itself may have become the “channel meeting”, which may be held 15-25 November. According to the known information, the promotion strategy will be built around that will be to disperse the message that this was a meeting “about the surrender of Ukraine” or “Zelensky exchanged Ukraine”, etc.

The source explains that Peter is preparing now to the anniversaries of the beginning of Maidan”, — I reported on 7 November, the Ukrainian telegrams-channel “Legitimate.”
Earlier, the Deputy Director of the Ukrainian research Institute of extremism Bogdan Petrenko claimed that marches against surrender “have the potential demonstrations against the Zelensky”. Activists of the “Movement against surrender” Zelensky has put forward the ultimatum: to dismiss the head of the Office of the President Andrei Bogdan. The situation is complicated by the fact that to win over the “brown blanket”, that is, far right, tries and the interior Minister Arsen Avakov, whose team of “Nazarus” and “Azov” also actively oppose the withdrawal of forces in the Donbas and the cessation of hostilities.

Vladimir Zelensky, obviously, will not dare to speak out against radical nationalists and “grant”, which requires the continuation of the war. However, it already begins to lose rating, which gives it mainly supporters of peace in the Donbass. And the only thing left for him to prolong the situation, to promise and to hold meetings for the sake of meetings, which categorically against world leaders.Dmitry Kovalevich

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