Party Voice of the country and the League of laughter, was denied entry to Ukraine. And Crimea is nothing to do with it

Участнику  Голоса країни  и  Лиги смеха  запретили въезд в Украину. И Крым здесь ни при чем

Participant of “Voice of the country” and “League of laughter” denied entry to Ukraine. And Crimea is nothing to do with it
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Michael Sosunova left without a job in Ukraine. Photo: Instagram Sosunova.

Belarusian Mikhail Sosunova not allowed in Ukraine. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine” asked the artist why?

Ukrainian audience Michael Suckling is known primarily as a semifinalist in the eighth season of “the Voice of the country” and member of the “League of laughter” (“the Seagull”, Kobrin).

In the blind auditions of “the Voice of the country” Misha sang “the Blues” Zemfira and turned all four coaches ‘ chairs. As a result of their mentor chose Tina Karol. Suckling left vocal show for step-up finals, replaced by Andrei Rybachuk.

“Misha, you are a true artist: always feel what you sing and know how to charge the audience with their energy,” he told him then Tina Karol.

With captain Mike was familiar before – in the “League of laughter” the guy was in his team.

Участнику  Голоса країни  и  Лиги смеха  запретили въезд в Украину. И Крым здесь ни при чем

Page of the passport of the Michael Sosunova. Photo: Instagram Sosunova.

So, it turns out, the guy was denied entry to Ukraine. He said this in Instagram, posting a page from the passport with a stamp of refusal of entry:

– In the last days out enough press releases that I was denied entry. People ask me, as many thought it was a joke or a bad PR campaign. I was denied entry in Ukraine for 3 years for unknown to anyone reason. We are trying with my team of attorneys to address this issue and, of course, agree to any feasible help. I apologize to all those he let down. My MC in Odessa and other concerts and events are transferred for an indefinite period. I’ll keep everyone posted. Grateful to everyone for the kind words of support and belief in the best.

We asked Mikhail Sosunov for comment. In your question, we have mentioned that the reason for refusal of entry could be a visit to the Crimea, as other “sins” for him seems to be not listed. This is the explanation received:

– I submitted a request to the relevant authorities, we are waiting for an official reply. Unfortunately, there is no information, explains Michael. But myself, I can assure you that this is not the Crimea, as there never was. There were plenty of opportunities to go there, even just as a tourist, but not evolved. So any guesses associated with the Crimea, carry no weight. Certain sources report that this may be due to the fact that previously appeared in the press news that I want to move to Ukraine. But it has no official confirmation. This is all the information that I have at the moment. Lawyers say that the solution to this problem will take at least 3 months. I was literally left without a job, concerts and opportunities to sell their new album, which was invested in money.

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