Pashinsky paruby: Georgian snipers are told, who directed the shootings on the Maidan

Парубий и Пашинский: грузинские снайперы рассказали, кто руководил расстрелами на Майдане

© RIA Novosti, Andrei Stenin Passing Ukrainian border the Georgian snipers who took part in the events on Maidan in the winter of 2014 provided personally Andriy Parubiy, and their work was supervised by Sergei Pashinsky. About it in interview to the edition “Ukrainian news”, published on October 31, said the lawyer Alexander Gorodinskiy to him, for all the protests on the Maidan in at various time arrived four of the group of Georgian soldiers — 10 people in each. One of the witnesses, the Caesars of Bajelidze, arrived on 15 January 2014, another, George Bezhitashvili — in mid-December 2013. Alexander Revazishvili appeared in Kiev in the spring of 2013: on behalf of the former military Mamuka Mamulashvili sniper, he conducted a reconnaissance of the area in the center of Khreshchatyk and Maidan.

“This speaks to the careful preparation of the subsequent events. Witnesses reported that at the airports of Tbilisi and Kyiv were organized for the passages without the border control. They arrived in Ukraine with passports in other names. As they explained the purpose of the visit: “the support of the protesters on the Maidan and the creation of chaos”,” — said the lawyer.Witnesses also said the names of those who supervised the work of snipers.

“And provided them crossing borders with no control on forged documents personally Andriy Parubiy. Led by their “work” directly Sergei Pashinsky. Also, as they say, control their actions on the Maidan were doing assistants Parubiy and an American military instructor Christopher Brian”, — said Gorodinsky.

Earlier it was reported that the General Prosecutor’s office of Belarus has questioned the citizens of Georgia, declared that they were witnesses of the executions that took place on the Maidan in Kiev in the winter of 2014.


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