Patent infringement: BRP wins its case against Arctic Cat

Contrefaçon de brevet: BRP remporte sa cause contre Arctic Cat

The recreational products manufacturer BRP was awarded on Monday a court victory in the federal Court of Canada against its competitor Arctic Cat for patent infringement.

The Court validated the arguments of BRP, which was running since 2011, his opponent to use a patent on the chassis for its Ski-Doo snowmobiles REV without his permission.

Arctic Cat will have to pay 135 $ per unit sold that infringed the patent at BRP, who has obtained a permanent injunction on the sale, use and distribution of any snowmobile which is in contravention of the patent in Canada.

The two companies are in conflict the court for several years. In 2016, the federal Court had already ruled in favour of BRP with respect to another patent, on the controller, electric motors two-time.

In the same year, a federal court in southern Florida has sentenced BRP to pay the sum of $ 46.5 million US to Arctic Cat for violation of u.s. patents related to the manufacture of personal watercraft.

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