Patient care attendant passed away: “We go there with fear in the womb”

The death of the first beneficiaries attendant in Montreal, the concrete expression of a fear already palpable to many of her sisters, with whom The Newspaper spoke.

“You can see what is happening and we are trying to encourage. This is not obvious,” responded Annie, a woman beneficiary of another institution in montreal.

She has more than a hundred cases. She also has contracted the virus in the last days.

Work colleagues have also received a positive result at the COVID-19. Verdict, which is due to the contagiousness of the virus and the lack of medical equipment.

“We began to have visors this week” only, ” she adds, a little frightened to return to the field.

Fear in the womb

The risk of being in contact with the virus raises concerns even in places that, until now, spared.

“We go there with the fear in the belly, but it is done,” says Mélanie Couillard, who works in a NURSING semi-private of Quebec.

“It’s been a long time that one is in distress, or that we are tired and we need help. After seeing our colleagues fall, we are psychologically affected,” says Véronique Desrochers, clerk a resource that is semi-private in Mascouche, spared by the pandemic, for the moment.

“What is coming will be worse. At this time, it darkens. But after that, it will be necessary to take care of us”, hope Ms Desrochers.

“As long as the adrenaline is there, it will go well,” says the psychologist Paul Langevin. There is a pressure that will release them from these people. It’s going to be disturbing, and they are going to have to be well surrounded.”

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