Patriarch Bartholomew I on mount Athos the monks will be guarded by one hundred police dogs

Патриарха Варфоломея на Афоне от монахов будут охранять сто полицейских с собаками

During the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople on mount Athos, the Greek police have taken extensive security measures announced Monday by Greek Internet edition “Vimaorthodoxias”.

According to the resource, the safety of the Patriarch on mount Athos provide 100 police officers, including a group of the Greek police for the suppression and prevention of crime, and specially trained dogs. Greek journalists called these measures “draconian”.

According to media reports, last Thursday, on mount Athos, there were signs the protests against the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew. “Antichrist Bartholomew, the Holy mountain does not want you and does not recognize“, – said one of them.

Patriarch Bartholomew called for Athos to attend the celebration of 200-anniversary of the consecration of the main Church of the monastery of Xenophon. Monks of the Holy mountain feared that together with the Patriarch of Constantinople on mount Athos may come a new leader of the non-canonical Church in Ukraine (PCU) Epiphanius Dumenko, which for most of afantou is a schismatic.

Apparently dad Turkish Bartholomew realizes that he is on mount Athos are not happy, understand that he is on mount Athos someone else, despite the fact that the abbots and forced him to smile. In fact, he shows that he is afraid of the monks of mount Athos. It’s actually an amazing event: the Patriarch surrounds himself with hundreds of police with dogs out of fear of the monks of mount Athos. It really is on the verge of obfuscation. But all these armed men are with him to run around the temples with the dogs and to demonstrate that they have the power, and the monks – the nobodies who have to accept. But all this is forgotten Christ. Insulting and humiliating the monks such behavior Bartholomew offend the virgin and Christ, and showing their fear of the inhabitants of mount Athos — he shows his fear of God’s judgment. Something like that. Pathetic little man…

Патриарха Варфоломея на Афоне от монахов будут охранять сто полицейских с собаками


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