Patrice Bergeron is afraid of having to be away from his family

Patrice Bergeron craint de devoir s'éloigner de sa famille

The attacker of the Boston Bruins Patrice Bergeron wishes that the season 2019-2020 resume, but not in any way.

All the scenarios are probably not adequate and that compete in all of the series in North Dakota, for example, seems to worry a bit Quebecers.

“If we are going to play there in a closed circuit, is what it is for a period of two months, during the entire series, far away from our families, away from our children? There are a lot of factors that should not be overlooked, he said, Wednesday, during an interview on the television show JiC, on TVA Sports. You want to find a way to end the series, but it must also have meaning.”

About Bergeron concur, in a certain sense, those of the pitcher of Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw who, earlier this week, did not seem to warm to the idea of leaving for weeks in Arizona to compete for the start of the season in major league baseball. He also cited family considerations.

The famous window

That being said, Bergeron keeps an open mind, admitting that the opportunity to win the Stanley cup don’t come every year, and at 34 years of age, his “window shrinks”.

The Bruins digested poorly their defeat in the Stanley Cup final against the Blues of St. Louis last year. With this feeling of having unfinished business, they were in the first rank of the national hockey League at the time of the suspension of activities, on march 12. If some believe that it is necessary to focus on the next campaign, Bergeron puts himself on the side of those who hope for an ending to the current one.

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