Patrice Brisebois : more outspoken than ever

Patrice Brisebois : plus franc que jamais

The former defender of the Canadian Patrice Brisebois talked about more openly, today: he has lived the hell, in Montreal, after the signing, in December 2001, a contract that could earn him up to $ 17 million in four years.

“It has been hell. It has destroyed me. It has destroyed my family. I would not wish it on anyone”, he made, on Thursday evening, during a frank interview to the podcast, “The Blue Pocket”, moderated by Guillaume Latendresse and Maxim Lapierre, the two other former Habs.

“You’re going to put gas in the vehicle and there is a guy that tells you that you’re not good,” added Brisebois. I’ve had death threats. I tell you: it was hell.”

Nearly two decades later, Brisebois is explained poorly why some fans and some in the media have been so mean to him. According to the principal, this unfair treatment is clearly linked to the famous contract which made him, at the time, the player the best paid of the history of the Canadian.

“Before signing my big contract, I became a free agent and I had one last season extraordinary, he recalled, about his 35 points in 54 games in 1999-2000. The media were unanimous that it was necessary to re-sign Brisebois.”

The Canadian: his team

At the beginning of the thirties, the quebec defender would then very well could decide to test the free agent market, but his heart was in Montreal.

“If the Canadian I had not given this money, there was another team that I would have given them elsewhere, and even more, supported the man, now 49 years old. That said, I am a true Canadian. I won the cup in 1993. The Canadian, it is my organization, my team and I made the decision to stay. Yes, it was a nice contract, and I had never thought of making so much money playing hockey, but it is not I who decided it. When they have disclosed the contracts, it is there that the surge in wages has begun.”

“I decided to sign in Montreal because I believed in it, continued Brisebois, who dreamed of another championship in his home town. When I won the cup, I was 22 years old, I was the youngest player of the 1993 edition and I felt that I had perhaps not enjoyed the celebrations at their fair value.”

The pride of wearing the uniform

Brisebois will ultimately never had the chance to raise the Stanley cup, having spent two seasons with the Colorado Avalanche (2005 to 2007) before returning to Montreal for his last two campaigns in the national League.

“The team was not playing well, and what happened is that some media (I have criticized), especially a media English who had written “$ 17 million wasted”, he noted, reflecting on the last years of his first stay with the Canadian. The English supporters were put to me boo when I touched the washer and it fell down. Sometimes, people are sheep.”

“Why? Because the Québécois boy who had a dream of playing in the national hockey League has been successful? He is successful, he wants to stay in Montreal. And after that, I got all this deep shit then. Sometimes, you wonder if it is worth it. Me, I was just a guy who wanted to play hockey, a performer and who was so proud to wear this uniform then.”

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