Patrice Godin: his drug, it is the race

Patrice Godin sees his passion for the race as a better outlet than the cigarette, which he smoked for nearly 30 years. “If yes, I have replaced one drug with another, I think that the one I take is better,” said the guest of Sophie Durocher and Richard Martineau for Guess who’s coming to dinner? at QUB radio.

While Richard Martineau said he believed that the riders excessive have a real addiction, but socially acceptable, Patrice Godin has responded by establishing a link with smoking. The cigarette “was a [drug] that was there not so long ago, socially acceptable. It was the drug par excellence”, he stated.

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The balcony to the ultra-marathon

Well-known for his role in the television series, District 31, the actor has returned to the sport in the approach of the quarantine, there are more than 10 years. It is by observing a jogger in the heat, while he was smoking on his balcony, he found the trigger.

“It is in realizing that I can run a half-hour, 45-minute, one hour, two hours, I quietly increased. I saw that there were those races, ultra-marathons, and I said to myself: I will try to make it”, he told.

The ultra-marathon is a race of over 50 kilometers. “The longer that I did, it was 335 km,” explained the one who has already ran for 82 hours.

The next challenge for the big fan of this extreme sport? “Through Canada to the race, I would be willing to do so,” he started.

If for Patrice Godin, the whole effort is in the head, he likes the feeling of running alone. “You get deep in you […] to me, my therapy is that, it is to find myself in the wilderness.”

In the race as in the scripture

Combining the filming, the family, the race, but also the writing, Patrice Godin admits to get up very early. “I write in the morning […] Of 4 to 7, for me, it is my bubble of perfect”, he said.

The author compares his blocking and his breakdowns of inspiration in the moments where he hits a wall in the race.

“You have to start a marathon […] you’re in shape and it rolls. You write and you’ve got your idea, and then, you say to yourself: I’ll go there and it will develop like that and there you get to 25-30 [miles] and no, this is no longer the fun […] You have cramps and you say to yourself: “I will never get there””, he detailed.

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