Patrick Huard : Rogatien is never far away

Patrick Huard : Rogatien n’est jamais loin

MONTREAL – Our Rogatien Dubois led his “Taxi 0-22” as far as on Club illico, where you can now watch the first season of his flights of comedy, and driving. In the meantime to settle into the scenery of his “talk show” daily newspaper, “The Tower”, which will be shown on TVA this fall, Patrick Huard returns on the path with his character.

Patrick Huard was still in the national School of humor when a taxi driver evil arguments had culled to the output of Radio-Canada and was swept away with virulence during the ride, instead of him talking nicely to the weather.

The car had barely crossed the half of the Jacques-Cartier bridge, that the driver, red with anger, had already poured out his gall surliness on an important personality of the world of television and politics, and developed many conspiracy theories. To the point that you do not even look at the road in front of him.

Frightened, but inspired, the future comedian sitting in the back seat had taken notes, without suspecting that the character he was about to create would become almost more famous than him. Moreover, it is not impossible that Rogatien is invited to “The Tower” on occasion, let some sparkle to her interpreter, who says he is still very attached to his alter-ego narrow-minded.

Patrick, in your opinion, what is Rogatien think of what it’s like to live in this time, the pandemic…?

“Him, he would have had to say! (laughter) “Tabarouette” that it would have matter! Just Donald Trump would complete one episode of “Taxi 0-22″ per week. This is crazy! And, on all that we live now, it is sure that he would have had a look a little bit different. I already believed that Rogatien had nothing more to say, but it is written alone, what he could talk about.”

There has already been 11 years since “Taxi 0-22” has left the antenna, after four seasons on TVA. What is it that you had pushed to end the program, at the time?

“It goes fast, it’s crazy! When I stopped doing this character on tv, I said to myself that there was not much thing to say… and that there was a little bit too much of the world that called me Rogatien! Everyone called me Rogatien in the street, and asked me if I had come in taxi! Nobody called me by my name. I think that I was a year and a half of not being able to play other roles. It also asked me a lot : I was writing, I realized I was producing, I was playing… It took 100 % of my time, and it became difficult physically.”

Yourself, what poses you have on Rogatien Dubois?

“I speak of him in the third person, because he is better than me. When Rogatien arrives on scene, the world soft-top more than when it’s me who is between. Rogatien, the best way to describe it is : small mind, a big heart. This is the book for him to arrive to open his mind and be less narrow-minded, but he has the heart as big as the earth. He would give everything! It would help in any situation, he would give you his food… but he will engueulerait in the making (laughs). He will tell you that you’re cellar have not done your grocery shopping! But the gestures he poses are extremely touching.”

In closing, do you think Rogatien would be a faithful customer of Uber (laughter)?

“Uber, it is his sworn enemy! I always told myself that if one day Rogatien came back, his sworn enemy would be a driver of Uber who frequents the “snack bar” of Nancy (Sylvie Boucher), and that always has plans for him to sabotage his “char” and make him lose the customer!”

The first season of “Taxi 0-22” is available on Club illico.

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