Patrick Mahomes: the man of$ 503 Million

Patrick Mahomes: l’homme de 503 M$

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was destined to become the richest man in the NFL. Better yet, the 10-year contract with a value of 503 million that he has just signed with the Chiefs in Kansas City in fact, until further notice, the player the best paid in the world of sport at large.

All the details are not yet known and in the NFL, it is often necessary to be wary of the numbers announced with great fanfare. It remains the case that by including various bonuses for performance, the total value of the agreement could reach surpasses the cape unthinkable $ 500 million.

The total duration of the contract is rarely guaranteed, and the way the deal is structured will give a better idea, but on paper, Mahomes now exceeds Mike Trout (426,5 million), right fielder of the Angels in Los Angeles in the major league baseball, as owner of the biggest contract.

Until 2031

With this delectable contract extension, Mahomes and the Chiefs are united, always theoretically, until 2031, because Mahomes must still pass the last two years of his contract rookie.

If we stick only to the annual value of the contract, which amounted to more than $ 50 million per season, it far surpasses that accorded to the quarter-back who follow him on the list, is Russell Wilson of the Seahawks (35 million), Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers (34 million), as Jared Goff of the Rams and Aaron Rodgers of the Packers ($33.5 million).

Here’s something to make you drool Dak Prescott (Cowboys) and Deshaun Watson (Texans), who will be the next winners.

A gesture necessary

If the first reaction is to stare eyes in front of another waltz vast millions, force is to admit that the Chiefs have laid down the good gesture by ensuring the services of the quarterback, the most explosive of the circuit on the very long term.

Mahomes, beyond the statistics that are ridiculously strong that it presents, has emerged as the new face of the team and even more, of the NFL, by his exemplary behaviour. In a league that needs stars who are model citizens, this is not commonplace.

An important part of the salary cap of $ 200 million per season will therefore be devoted to the star player, and it will become more difficult for the defending champions of the Super Bowl to distribute other generous contracts elsewhere in their alignment. But without a quarterback of this caliber, there is no salvation in the NFL.

During his many interviews over the course of the week before the last Super Bowl in Miami, Mahomes had specified that the success of the team would outweigh the dollars.

In some way, he keeps his word since he would have easily been able to claim a pact in the short or medium term and cash out a pay increase even more mirobolante in a few years, when it will be early thirties.

Wages will continue, inevitably, their inflation sky rocketing in the NFL, except of course if the COVID-19 away too long spectators of the stages. The union between the Chiefs and Mahomes will therefore be beneficial to both parties.

The five largest contracts in the history of the sport

  1. Patrick Mahomes / 503 M$ / 10 years / Football / Chiefs of Kansas City
  2. Mike Trout / 426,5 M$ / 12 years old / Baseball / Angels of Los Angeles
  3. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez / 365 M$ / 5 years / Boxing / DAZN
  4. Bryce Harper / $ 330 Million / 5 years / Boxing / DAZN
  5. Giancarlo Stanton / $ 325 Million / 13 years old / Baseball / Marlins Miami

The five longest contracts in the history of the sport

  1. Alex Ovechkin / 13 year / $ 124 Million / Hockey / Washington Capitals
  2. Giancarlo Stanton / 13 years / $ 325 Million / Baseball / Marlins Miami
  3. Mike Trout / 12 years old / 426,5 M$ / Baseball / Angels of Los Angeles
  4. Donovan McNabb / 12 years / $ 115 Million / Football / Philadelphia Eagles
  5. Todd Helton / 11 years / 151,5 M$ / Baseball / Colorado Rockies

The five players are the best paid in the NFL*

  1. Patrick Mahomes / $ 50.3 MILLION / QA / Chiefs of Kansas City
  2. Russell Wilson / 35 M$ / QA / Seattle Seahawks
  3. Ben Roethlisberger / $ 34 MILLION / QA / Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Jared Goff / 33,5 M$ / QA / Rams of Los Angeles
  5. Aaron Rodgers / 33,5 M$ / QA / Green Bay Packers

*According to the average per year

– With the collaboration of the QMI Agency

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