Paulo Fonseca – Shakhtar after departure from the Champions League

Portuguese coach Paulo Fonseca admitted that he loves to be at Shakhtar.

Паулу Фонсека - про роботу в "Шахтарі" після вильоту з Ліги чемпіонів

Press conference head coach of Donetsk “Shakhtar” Paulo Fonseca after the match in Rome. Recall, Shakhtar Donetsk lost to Roma (0:1) in a return match 1/8 the Champions League final and left the tournament. The first meeting in Kharkov ended with the victory of “miners” – 2:1, but the sum of the two matches then there are the Romans, reports Rus.Media.

– RJ, what do you think about Roma, which saw?

– First of all I want to congratulate our opponent and wish him success in the next stage. Honestly, I try to analyze the game as a whole and not one team. Roma implemented a single moment that we were allowed to use it. In General I saw that Shakhtar were dominating on the field. We ended the match with ten men, if I am not mistaken, possessed the ball more than 60 percent of the time until the final whistle, continued to press the hosts to their win.

– You dominated, but not especially fleshed out offensive actions. Do you think the outcome of the match decided Jacko?

– Yes, he scored the only goal and became a key player. As for dominance, we might not have been so dangerous, but were dangerous and “Roma”. Most of the time we had the ball while on the opponent’s field, forced to retreat to his penalty area. What can I say? The outcome was determined not only today: all could be solved in Ukraine, had we converted all the chances we created.

– Do you want to play with Shakhtar in the next Champions League?

– Yes, of course. Name me a coach who doesn’t wish to participate in this tournament.

– So you left?

– I did not specify. I really like to be at Shakhtar in Ukraine, like the people here. View, near future will show.

– Shakhtar are a great team, but it lacks something to get through the 1/8 finals…

– You need to assess the whole situation. I think everyone understands that the level of Ukrainian football is not as high as in Italy. For anybody not a secret that in this respect we are also very far from Spain or England. Differ and investing clubs: we do not buy expensive players and are trying to form in his team. Perhaps that is why Shakhtar are not always able to pass on the 1/8 finals of the Champions League.

– Had very few shots on goal as Roma: the football players tried to play to the faithful, did not work out for Ferreira. Why, even in the application was not Blanco Lesya who may be able to strengthen the attack?

– Do you analyze a little bit different- not as I do. We almost always had the ball. In turn, Roma almost the entire match was spent in their half, compactly located in the heart of the penalty area. This complicates the job of attackers: very hard to find and take the right decision at the gate of the opponent. I in any case can not say that Facundo had a bad meeting. And Blanco Laduca was not even on the bench, so I couldn’t let him out.

Sergei Palkin said that this game is the last for Bernard this season. How are you going to play in his absence?

– Yes, unfortunately, Bernard will be leaving us. It has for some time concerned about the problem with the shoulder, will have surgery. He spent two great season, and that’s a significant loss for the team. However, we will try to find a solution: on this position will be the other player.

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