Pavel Zibrov believes that Oleg Vinnik for him, not a competitor

Павел Зибров считает, что Олег Винник для него не конкурент

He does not cease to be proud of a constant element of their appearance and even started to sing his own hits. Pavel Zibrov said, taking Oleg Vinnik on mentioning it in the song.

Pavel Zibrov refers to those performers who love to sing about the beauty of the human body. He always remains indifferent to female charms: lush Breasts, a sexy buttocks and slim legs. Now is the turn of his highlights in the image – a mustache. During a conversation with Katya Osadchaya in the “high life” singer spoke about the role that whiskers play in your career and even personal life.

Pavel Zibrov noted that now in the Ukrainian show business there is no “barbel”, but him. And in his song “Mas brand”, he admitted that because of this “temptation” for him is not a competitor even Oleg Vinnik. The singer said that a colleague on the stage has already reacted to this provocative phrase.

“Call me Oleg late in the evening and said, “I already got my band, because they say that you’re mocking me in their song!”. I told him: “Sorry, mate, all’s good!”. So everything is fine!” reassured Pavel Zibrov. The pop star admits that it know exactly mustache. And he managed to turn them into his own brand.

“The mustache is my magic. There are many songs about the eyes, the hair, the figure, breast, legs, whatever, and mustache – the only song. Mustache is a real man’s tool!” commented singer premiere new song “Mas brand”, says

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