Pavel Zibrov told where to spend the money

Павел Зибров рассказал, куда тратит деньги

Popular Ukrainian actor told about the attitude to superstition, was, Pavel Zibrov not paying attention to the various signs and beliefs about it in their family cares for his wife Marina, reports

“No, I’m actually not superstitious. My wife Marina, she believes in all these things. She watches the calendar, is interested in the growing and waning moon. In principle, the right – have big things to start when the moon is growing, not declining. I think these things need to listen,” says the artist.

Furthermore, Zibrov notes – wife never shows him things or gifts that wish to. But it is important to give the Marina as much money so she could afford anything.

“What I can tell you: Feng Shui have to earn the money men, what I want next year! Earn a lot and buy to pamper their wives, women, children. We earn the money not for himself that we, who cigarette, who one hundred grams, who in a new car or motorcycle, but mostly, we want them to spend on our favorite women,” – said Pavlo Zibrov.

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