Pavlov’s dog, the temple in Yekaterinburg and debris: Putin spoke to reporters in Sochi

PHOTO : Alexei Druzhinin/TASS


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday took part in the media forum of the Russian popular front (onf) “Truth and justice” in Sochi. The head of state talked with other participants of the discussion and answered a number of questions. “MIR 24” has collected the most vivid statements of the Russian leader on various topics.

Speaking about the reaction of regional authorities to reported violations in the repair of one of houses, Putin said that officials should reflex to respond to such information.

“As well as about Pavlov’s dogs: as I understand it, the reaction should be at the level of the first signal system: see meat – saliva of the dog. So here also – looked the head of a certain story or read the article, the reaction should be immediate,” said the President.

Not less rigidly, the head of state spoke about the inaction of local authorities in Ryazan, which are not arranged in one of the parks ropes course and a children’s Playground despite the injunction of the Prosecutor’s office. The cost of the project – more than four million rubles.

“City officials paid the money, signed the act of acceptance. I have to be honest, I thought this never happens. What arrogance. I hope we Bastrykin Alexander Ivanovich hears their chance to show their professional skills will not miss,” the Russian leader said, alluding to the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

Answering the question of participants about the possibility of an early visit to Russia by the Dalai Lama the President stressed that the state equally belongs to the representatives of different religions and faiths.

“We are not forbidden entrance to Russia to the Dalai Lama. We do not have the largest number of Buddhists live in Russia, we are all the same – and to Christians and Jews, representatives of Islam,” – said Putin.

Of religion the head of state also recalled speaking about the situation with rallies in Yekaterinburg, a lot of citizens oppose the construction of a Cathedral on the site of the square in the city centre. According to the President, the Church must unite and not divide people.

“If we are talking about the locals, their opinion should be considered. The Church must unite and not divide. There is a simple way to conduct a survey. And the minority must obey the majority. This is the principle of democracy,” – said the head of state.

Vladimir Putin also urged to consider the opinions of inhabitants of cities and settlements, which is planned the construction of landfills.

“Moscow cannot waste overgrown, this ten-millionth of the city. But in other regions do not need to create problems. In any case, it must be in dialogue with the people who live there,” he said.

The President called “disgraceful” situation in an apartment building in Penza, where from-for prolonged repair of a malfunctioning Elevator and veterans for more than six months could not go out. The Russian leader recalled the story of his life.

“I imagine if older people can not come down. I lived without a lift of up to 30 years, neighbor their hands were on the fifth floor,” – said Putin.

The President expressed surprise regarding the fact that the media is not telling citizens about programs to support young families, focusing on unimportant topics.

“We have created a large and multifaceted program of support of young families. It’s very strange that people are poorly informed about the opportunities that exist. On television tell us how hair grow”, – joked the head of state.

During the discussion, the Russian leader also promised to discuss with the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller and the head of Karachay-Cherkessia Rashid Temrezov supply the region with gas at more affordable rates.

“I’m head of the Republic also will speak. They are there, apparently, fat no special, so they will need help, maybe to subsidize,” he said.

In addition, the President promised to help the people affected by the fires in Transbaikalia. He urged residents of the region to be cautious, Recalling that one of the main causes of fires is the fall grass.

“I think we’re to late autumn should complete all the work associated with the restoration of the social sphere, reconstruction of houses, will people be sure to help. Incidentally, you have one of the main reasons of fires – has fallen grasses, it is an established fact”, – said Vladimir Putin.

Recall that the media forum BIP “Truth and justice” takes place from 14 to 16 may in Sochi.