Pay as you go fare for PRESTO card holders will enter next year (PHOTOS)

Повременную оплату проезда для владельцев карт PRESTO введут в следующем году (ФОТО)

By the end of next summer, passengers transport service TTC who use the PRESTO cards will be able to briefly exit the car and once again hit the road, not paying the fare a second time.

Tuesday, November 28, the Board of Directors approved TTC since August of 2018, all PRESTO card holders will have the opportunity to pay the fare for two hours.

This step is only one of a number of planned changes that are waiting to TTC in the course of the modernization project. The introduction of hourly payment already suggested in 2005, but, according to the report employees of TTC, finally appeared suitable conditions for such changes.

“Today we are in the process of implementing PRESTO, Metrolinx and the company clarified in relation to a phased approach to the integration of regional tariffs. These circumstances, combined with new flexible mobility, creating a more competitive environment, means that now is the right time to implement the policy of “two-hour trips” PRESTO”, − the report says.

Currently, the one who briefly came out of the subway, bus or streetcar TTC, and then got in a transport, will be forced to pay the fare a second time.

The current system means that those who do not have a monthly pass with unlimited number of trips, it is unprofitable to leave the transport to run a small business – quick shopping, returning books to the library or the transfer of the parcel to a friend.

Time travel will mean that people will get a two-hour period during which they can use transportation to make stops at any place and continue driving without paying once again.

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