Pay Attention to your hands

Attention à vos mains

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In the Face of the shortage of hand sanitizers, some people have been tempted to buy pharmacy alternative products, such as nail Polish remover, containing acetone, or hydrogen peroxide.

Recipes involving the one or the other of these ingredients circulate on the social networks to prepare a hand sanitizer home.


Attention à vos mains

This is a very bad idea.

“This practice does not ensure their protection against the virus of the COVID-19 and puts their health at risk,” says Michel Alsayegh, chairperson of the Order of chemists of Quebec.

The best option for limiting the spread of the coronavirus is to wash hands with soap and water.

“The sense of urgency should not result in a taking of unnecessary risks that may cause more harm than good,” says Christian L. Jacob, president of the Association of microbiologists of Quebec.

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