Paycheck to paycheck: 4 nonstandard way of saving

От зарплаты до зарплаты: 4 нестандартных способа экономии

Love money account. Savings should be economical. Dull expression to the horror. But to save possible and necessary, and not necessarily for the to suffer and squeezed.Budget vyhodnye you believe the polls, most people on the weekend, spend the most money. It’s shopping, movies, amusement parks, parties. Try to reduce the number of such attacks to one or two times a month. The largest expenditure in families with children. Think of a budget weekend, which will help to save trips to the forest, walks in the Park or a movie at home. Popcorn will be much cheaper, no need to spend money on tickets and trinkets that you will buy their children.24 Caseinate this method is called the method of deferred purchases. Its essence is to choose your favorite thing and go home. If you will not think to buy it, so not very desirable. The same applies to Internet purchases. As a rule, online people spend a lot more. If possible, prefer shopping, not sitting at a laptop. And money save and take a walk.Forecast pogodila many to save for a rainy day — then be forced into something, even if it is not. Interesting way of saving money is to defer as much money as degrees outside. You don’t have to do every day. Select certain days of the week and put the cash in the stash. To sum was impressive, multiply the number on the thermometer by 5 or 10.Charge batarei average person sitting in the phone 3 hours a day. During this time, you can have part-time jobs. This method is suitable for very greedy or gambling. The point is that every day at a certain time to defer so much, how much is left of battery power on the phone. now virtually any gadget, this setting is displayed in percent. For example, at 6pm you still have 43%. So piggy Bank is replenished by this amount. To enhance the contribution you can multiply the value, as in the previous method.Even the most wasteful can save up for a purchase without a loan. You just have to make it interesting.

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