Payment of a communal flat: how will the monetization of subsidies

In Ukraine in 2019 started monetization of subsidies for communal payments.

Оплата комуналки: як працюватиме монетизація субсидій

From 1 January 2019 subsidies to payments for utility services will be provided to Ukrainians in the form of money. The mechanism of appointment of subsidies remains the same, the only difference is the algorithm of grants, informs Rus.Media.

Monetization of subsidies in Ukraine will be implemented in three stages. From January 1, 2019 it will affect those families who ask for help for the first time. The entire subsidy will go to the Bank before 5th day of each month. In the Bank by this time will know the amount of your bill for communal and will send the money to service providers. The larger the subsidy, the greater the number of payments will cover. And the rest of the Ukrainians will have to pay themselves.

Families no longer have to pay monthly separately for each type of communal. The state, through the Bank pays a portion of the accounts within the allocated grants and the families themselves will have to pay the second part of the bill. Ukrainians will receive an SMS message from the Bank about how much is left to pay.

May 1 monetization of subsidies in Ukraine will affect those who receive subsidy. All grant recipients (except those who asked for the first time in 2019), it is necessary may file a Declaration of income and application for monetization of his social security management.

After that, every request opens a Bank account. Subsidies will be directed for payment of heat, electricity, water and gas. “Savings” each month will send SMS about receipt of subsidy and its balance. When the heating season is over, any unused money will transfer to the accounts of recipients of subsidies that are “Oschadbank” will open automatically. Suppliers of communal themselves will form bills, and the Bank will transfer the subsidy. In personal account you can check the amount of subsidy paid for services and the account balance.

October 1 monetization in Ukraine will work every subsident will receive the results of the heating season, cash is all that was saved. The budget for the year 2019 for subsidies pledged 55 billion hryvnia. The government believes that this will be enough, but don’t forget about raising the gas tariffs.

In addition to subsidies, from may 1, 2019 Ukrainians can obtain compensation for substandard utility services. The government has even developed a special complaint, and founded the quality control of public services. Ukrainians will be able to require inspections of the quality of housing services and receive a refund. This will include water, wastewater, heat, hot water, waste removal and management of the apartment building.