Payment without contact, the safest technology for pay

Paiement sans contact, la technologie la plus sûre pour payer

In a pandemic as in normal times, the payment, without any contact with the smart phone or the credit card is the safest way to perform transactions.

We have seen these past few weeks to limit the contagion by contact, the payments in bank notes has been made unlawful to prefer those without contact that avoid the user having to enter his personal identification number (PIN), or to affix its signature.

In addition to the health issues, the reasons for this security are multiple.

The contactless payment usually uses the technique of

near field communication
, which allows customers to route data between a terminal and, more often, a credit card or a smartphone equipped with a chip.

A few centimeters only

And according to the definition of SLM, the

near field communication
(near field communication) is the technique which allows various consumer electronics devices to easily exchange small amounts of data between them, or with a smart card, without contact, through the production of a weak magnetic field which makes possible the establishment of a wireless link of short range, which sometimes does not exceed a few centimeters.

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Here as abroad, with the smart phone

The issuers of credit cards have for many years already integrated into the chip without contact. What is even better, here as in other countries, it is to use contactless payment with its smartphone.

With digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, a number specific to the device, and a transaction code unique are used in place of the number of your credit card which is not stored on your device nor on Apple servers – for me to take this company as an example.

If he stays with Apple Pay, no transaction information is kept which might identify you.

The operation remains the same if the transactions are carried out with the aid of a watch smart.


Secure and encrypted

Your credit cards are encrypted, therefore, practically impossible for a fraudulent trader to copy your credit card number. Your name and your security code with three digits are not transmitted to, nor even seen, so that even in the unlikely event that a hacker would get your number, do online chats it would be impossible.

With or without cellular access

On a trip like the country, the contactless payment does not require that the connection between your phone and the payment terminal – no need for a access or a cell package.

The notification of the purchase will appear once your phone is connected to your network WiFi or cellular.

And if your phone is stolen, you login to your account using your computer will allow you to disable all cards in your digital wallet.

What’s more, the issuer of your credit card protects you against fraudulent purchases, which is not the case with a debit card that you should never use.

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