Pea Soup: how to cook, to seethe and peas were soft?

Peas is one of the oldest cultures that have mastered people for food.

Суп гороховий: як правильно зварити, щоб горох розварився і був м&#039яким?

For a very long time were made from flour, baked pies and bread, and later learned to cook soups, porridge and even made jelly. The most popular dish of peas and now continues to be soup, but many Housewives faced with such a problem that the dried kernel bad mushy and remain solid or half-baked, informs Rus.Media.

The most common question asked by the hostess during cooking of the soup: “How to cook peas to seethe?”

Indeed, if you put dried peas in water and cook for a few hours, he will remain tverdohlib. A lot of resourceful Housewives used a blender crush undercooked grains.

But then how to make a great soup or porridge for a child, especially if there are no blender?

If you want to cook pea soup to the peas seethe, use simple tips.

What to do to peas seethe?

Peas faster to seethe, to make hot food use chipped grain. Regardless, bought peas in the package or in bulk, it is always necessary to rinse well in running water. Before cooking it should be soaked for a few hours, the best option – 6-8 hours. However, note that the water should be changed periodically to avoid fermentation process.

To seethe peas in the soup, you must give the rump a good swell in cold water and only after that it will be possible to cook on a slow fire. If you have not enough time for preliminary preparation of the pea soup or the porridge must be boiled as quickly as possible, it will be possible to take advantage of the secret that was known before the invention of different kitchen appliances, such as blender. In the water which will be poured washed the peas, you will need to add half a teaspoon of baking soda and mix well. After the peas cook in soda water for about 30-40 minutes, you can cook. But we should not forget that the soaked beans should be well washed in running water, otherwise it will taste of soda.

What the peas are well boiled?

Very often it happens that even washed and soaked peas after several hours of cooking is hard – it is because it’s not the right sort of cereal. Despite the fact that the best known for seven types of peas, in the food used by only two cultural types – shelling and sugar. Seeds of peas, which do not get sufficient amounts of starch, sugar and the brain is used for preservation of green peas of the highest grade. Therefore, if to determine which peas well boiled, use the simple advice – take of the dried grain shelling varieties. Choose to be quite simply brain varieties in drying shrink, while the shelling remain rounded shape. Dried peas acquires a whitish patina and changes the flavor, so use it for soups is not desirable. Good quality pea grain has the same size, fairly large and not damaged by pests.

So, what to do to peas seethe? First- you need to choose a variety of cereals. Secondly- soak for several hours before cooking. Thirdly – when the water boils, reduce the heat and simmer the peas, stirring over low heat.