Peace in Syria is like a bone in the throat of the West

Мир в Сирии как кость в горле у Запада

In the Network appeared the message about the fire patrol Russian military police at the border of Syria and Turkey. The incident occurred in the area of border crossing al-Darbasiyah. The information came from the Kurdish media.

Preliminary data are that wounded 5 people, and the missile was fired from the Turkish forces. But the Russian defense Ministry has denied the fact of bombardment of the Russian military patrol, who is in Syria. Found that was blown up by unidentified explosive device. Victims among the Russian military was not.

What was it really? It’s simple – this is a provocation. And now I’ll explain why.

First, information about the incident came from the Kurdish media. The Kurds are the losers from the Russian-Turkish Memorandum, which was signed by Russia and Turkey on October 22, side. Today’s date – end date for the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from the “security zone”, but it’s still not done. About a thousand fighters YPG are Manuge and almost as many in neighboring tel Rifaat.

Let’s move on. Second, the “at least two wounded Russian soldiers” is a lie Kurdish media. That is, they tweeted a video with a review on Kurdish language and caption of those wounded, two journalists and four civilians. He has not confirmed, moreover, was refuted by the defense Ministry.

Why this provocation? Apparently, someone does not want to be in Geneva worked with the constitutional Committee on Syria. But the Astana meeting in the format (Syria, Russia, Turkey, Iran) were waiting for two years. How many times it was delayed and disrupted because the ratio of representatives of the government and the opposition. But the purpose of this Committee is very important – the drafting of a new Constitution of the SAR, which will build the postwar world and neutralize contradictions.

Who needed this provocation? Of course, the West. It coalition is not profitable for an end to the Syrian war, so she tries to arrange provocations with a pocket of militants Kurds.

Turkish military campaign was generally played against the West – the territory of the Kurds entered the Syrian Arab army, and now they are under Russian control. This is actually a return of the land to Damascus! US three years to keep them under control by the Kurds, lose. Kurdish terrorist hotbed splits, plus then there’s Russia is helping Turkey and Syria.

For the West, a tactical Alliance between Moscow and Ankara means its a complete failure.

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