Peace, labor, donkey: may day celebrated across the planet



Mayday finishes its March across the planet. In different countries, it said walks, protests and rallies, according to “WORLD 24”.

In new York hundreds of demonstrators came to Express their opinion to trump Tower. Despite the large population, there were no disorders. The demands of the protesters have expressed the most different. For trade Union of workers of laundries most important thing is to improve working conditions. Students want lower tuition fees and the cost of housing. Teachers demanded higher salaries. Some of the audience were holding slogans “Hands off Venezuela”.

And in Los Angeles on may day was attended mostly by immigrants. They once again condemned the policy of the American President in relation to visitors from other countries. The main demand of the protesters was work for all. Hundreds of people were shouting one slogan: “don’t you need the boss, the boss needs you”.

It was noisy in Puerto Rico. The set of requirements of demonstrators varied – from protests against austerity to prohibitions on private education. When the crowd reached the barricades, arranged by police, the tension increased. But despite the provocations, before the collision is not reached.

And in Mexico, in celebration of peace and labor were honored, probably one of the most hardworking creatures on Earth. There 60 times noted “day of the donkey”. In celebration animals wearing a beautiful harness, decorated with ribbons. They arrange races and matches.

“This holiday that we have not lost national traditions and people keep coming to us. Here at the festival, you can see everything. First, donkey is endangered. Same with our national drink pulque, made from agave. And the donkeys just the main carriers of raw material for pulque,” says a resident of Tumby Elias Lopez.