Peacock without a tail has become the new star of the Network

Павлин без хвоста стал новой звездой Сети

In the Internet appeared the video, where you can see the chick of a peacock. It was published by a Reddit user with the nickname @TheBubbaJoe.

So have a shot of a bird not yet fledged tail, despite this, he still tries to dissolve it and impress the spectators, who shot the video.

The girl who is the author of the video, in the end, not holding back a laugh when he looks at the bird. Commenting on the record, many netizens admitted that they had not previously thought about how to look young peacock.

“I can’t believe I lived to be 30 years, but I saw the chick of a peacock just now,” said one commenter. The other, in turn, wrote that the chick of a peacock looks like a miniature ostrich.

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