Pear rose by 40% compared to last year

Груши подорожали на 40% по сравнению с прошлым годом

From the first of December, domestic growers have increased the selling price for pears.

Now the wholesale price is 25-50 UAH/kg ($ 1,05-of 2.09/kg). Compared to last week the price rose by 18%.

Raising prices, market participants attributed the decrease in supply of these vegetables from local farms. Also the price increase is stimulated by an active demand from both wholesale and retail buyers. Recall now that the price of pears is 40% higher than in December 2018.

But farmers who have pear orchards, not in a hurry to sell the harvest of late varieties, hoping for further price growth. Analysts predict that if prices continue to grow, the Ukrainian market will be imported products.

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