Pedal: in Russia took action “to work by bike”

PHOTO : MIR / Igor Medvedev


17 may in Russia held the action “to work by bike”. Moved on two-wheeled transport and the correspondent of “MIR 24” from St. Petersburg Nahid Babayev.

South-East of St. Petersburg. Street Sedova. The office of the TV company “MIR” about ten kilometers. The way to the subway in a stuffy noisy car with a huge number of people take about an hour.

The route is very simple: the apartment is located near the Neva embankment. To her approximately five minute drive through the Park, and then to end in a straight line.

Most of the way lies on the sidewalk. The road is smooth, little people, blowing spring breeze. Another advantage of bike you’re riding, not buried in the phone, and not looking at the dark tunnels. Look at the Neva, the bridges, the churches. Beauty.

Sometimes, of course, have to go on the road. Motorists respectfully concede. But the main problem in St. Petersburg cyclists, weather. In the rain like a very nice ride. Another thing – the sun.

Total work Nahid Babayev arrived 15 minutes faster than if traveling by public transport. Says that the main disadvantage of this movement is that the hair you can forget.

Note that this year the action involves more than thirty regions of Russia.