“Pelosi crime family” and Ukrainian No. 2

The American war of compromising materials is becoming fierce.

«Криминальная семья Пелоси» и Украинагейт № 2

Struggle between supporters and opponents of Donald trump’s win in the presidential election of 2020 assumed the character of a ruthless war of compromising materials. In response to Democrats initiated impeachment proceedings trump the Republicans went for the second time with the promotion of Ukraineat, this time involving the son of the leader of the democratic majority in the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi, Jr.

«Криминальная семья Пелоси» и Украинагейт № 2

The Pelosi Family

The attack began investigative reporter Patrick howley, a former columnist for conservative publications Breitbart, The Daily Caller and editor of the far right online Big League Politics. Hawley also participated in the investigation of the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein.

«Криминальная семья Пелоси» и Украинагейт № 2

“BOOM: the son of Nancy Pelosi Paul Pelosi, Jr. (who went to Ukraine in 2017) was a member of the Board of Directors Viscoil and Director of the related company NRGLab, which was engaged in the ENERGY business in UKRAINE! And Nancy Pelosi appeared in a commercial for the company!” – I wrote to Hawley, do not forget to place the said video, where Nancy Pelosi and her offspring advertise the company Viscoil.

«Криминальная семья Пелоси» и Украинагейт № 2

Pelosi, Jr.

Hawley announced that Paul Pelosi, Jr., as the son of Joe Biden, did business in the Ukraine after the coup of 2014 and have been in Kiev, performing the duties of Executive Director of some “Initiative corporate governance”. Itself Pelosi in 2015, too, came to Ukraine to discuss problems of energy security which had been provided by the mentioned company. In addition, Pelosi-son was in 2014 in the management of the company is Blue Natural Resource, which the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA were accused of securities fraud.

The topic of the Pelosi family’s business in Ukraine was picked up by other American resources The American Mirror, the National File, and social networks began to spread the hashtag Pelosi Crime Family. Spread the video with photos proving the connection between the father of Nancy Pelosi, Thomas D Alessandro, Jr. (a Congressman in the years 1938-1947, the mayor of Baltimore from 1947 to 1959), with the Italian mafia bosses. D Alessandro, Jr., was a “constant companion” mobster Benjamin “benny Trotta” Magliano, who was, according to the FBI, one of the “main gang” of Baltimore and associated with major new York gangster Frankie Carbo. The resource State Of The Nation writes that “these people have worked hard for the re-election of Thomas D Alessandro in Congress and for mayor of Baltimore”.

«Криминальная семья Пелоси» и Украинагейт № 2

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy asked the FBI to consider “charges D Alessandro of involvement in the bandits from Baltimore and favoritism in awarding city contracts”. However, the FBI investigation were “extremely superficial”, moreover, along the way, “some witnesses recanted their testimony, and others have died or disappeared”.

Now charges families Nancy Pelosi in discrediting its activities in Ukraine, as well as having links with the mafia distributed on dozens of sites and social networks. Many of the charges are not too convincingly, but effectively filed before firing. And hunter Biden, in addition to discrediting his Ukrainian relations, is now also charged with tax evasion in the amount of $300 thousand.

«Криминальная семья Пелоси» и Украинагейт № 2

The Medical Examiner Werner Spitz

Not forgotten, and Hillary Clinton. On the portal Right Wing Tribune known investigative journalist Prissy Holly has put forward the version about her involvement in the death of the rock star Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. Last year they were found hanged. The initial conclusion determined the death look like a suicide, but recently the world-renowned medical examiner Werner Spitz, who participated in the investigation of the murders of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther king during the re-investigation came to the conclusion that both rockers were killed. As it turned out, before “suicide” at Cornell “was broken nine ribs and there was trauma to the head”.

«Криминальная семья Пелоси» и Украинагейт № 2

Dead rockers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington

Cornell and his wife engaged in charity, helping children who have experienced violence and sexual exploitation. Almost ten years, Cornell took part in a charity event, Hillary Clinton in Haiti, Aids is Still Required, working on the move with Haiti sexually abused orphans. At this time, writes Prissy Holly, Cornell found that these orphans are instead placed in more favourable conditions, were fused in the network of trafficking and again sold into sexual slavery.

Cornell allegedly found a “black book”, which led to the elite circle of pedophiles, and realized that we are talking about part of a global project on child trafficking; he was going to disclose the names of the participants in the crime, but did not – he was found hanged in a hotel room.

Some Internet resources also reported that Cornell has discovered “a ring trafficking cocaine and children in the city of man (Arkansas), associated with bill and Hillary Clinton” and revealed the identity of the high-level people – participants of the “occult operations of the Illuminati-Satanists”. All he wanted to publicize.

“We’ve all seen the piles of bodies of those unfortunates who are in contact with Hillary Clinton. If you get too close to her dirt, and you will probably be dead after a double shot in the head” – sums up Prissy Holly.

Characteristically, the Ukrainian media around Ukrainian-2 clarity. Without any review announced a new Ukrainedate only portals depo.ua and strana.ua. The Ukrainian upper classes are now cautiously waiting for, where you will turn pre-election struggle in America became truly ferocious. Fear to be trapped: with Poroshenko, who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, it has already happened.

Well, Nancy Pelosi had to temporarily give back: October 15, she stated that Democrats are delaying the vote for permission to conduct impeachment proceedings Donald Trump.Vladimir Prokhvatilov

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