Penalizing the workers of Tim Hortons is “disgusting”, said the FTQ

Photo: Chris Young The canadian Press
Members of the Ontario Federation of Labour protested in front of a Tim Hortons restaurant on Wednesday to Toronto.

By reducing the benefits of its employees who were getting the minimum wage of $ 14 an hour, a Tim Hortons Ontario has acted in a way ” disgusting “, said the chairman of the fonds de solidarité FTQ Daniel Boyer, whose plant has just managed to organise some workers in Tim Hortons in Quebec. But Mr. Boyer did not applaud to the idea of boycotting Tim Hortons, as some have suggested on social networks.


During an interview with The canadian Press, the president of the largest central trade union of Quebec has indicated that the FTQ is not very prone to boycotts.


“With the FTQ, it has never been hot, hot, hot to boycotts. In the past, it has not done much. One thing is certain, when there is a boycott, it must be adopted by the authorities of the FTQ. And it’s not there, ” since the minimum wage is only $ 11.25 in Quebec and no employer has acted as the Tim Hortons ontario.

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press

Mr. Boyer finds all of the same obnoxious attitude of this Tim Hortons, which, in particular, removed the breaks be paid to employees to compensate for the increase in the minimum wage 11.60 $ to 14 $. “I find it disgusting, to the limit. […] We hear many arguments from small and medium-sized enterprises that do not succeed may not be. But, in this case, it is not in the context of a small and medium enterprise. It is a giant multinational and the money out of your ears. And he comes to tell us : “We will pay $ 14 an hour, but we will come to touch the other working conditions.” It is a bit crazy, there, ” thundered Mr. Boyer.


He admits, however, that, if an employer from Quebec came to act as the Tim Hortons in Ontario, the question of a possible boycott should be investigated by the FTQ. “It is a debate to come. I confess to you that, if there were employers who wanted to reduce the other working conditions, following the increase in the minimum wage, one would have to denounce it loud and clear. Then, you would be wondering of course about the possibility of a boycott, ” warns the president of the central, which has more than 600 000 members.


The daily Voice had, however, reported, in may last, that the owner of two Tim Hortons in Cowansville had decided to abolish the two breaks paid to its employees to compensate for the increase in the minimum wage in Quebec, which was then passed paid $ 10.75 to 11.25 per hour.


In Quebec, it is precisely the FTQ, who has launched the fight for the minimum wage to $ 15, the may 1, 2016. And since then, she has fought tirelessly to obtain for its members at low wages for non-unionized workers.


At the FTQ, it is the Steelworkers Union, which has managed to get two union certifications for four Tim Hortons restaurants on the North Shore. The workers of these Tim Hortons are so unionized, but they have not yet their first collective agreement. They are currently in the process of arbitration for the first convention.


Some unions affiliated to the FTQ have obtained the minimum wage of $ 15, since the beginning of their struggle, in particular the local section 298 of the Syndicat québecois des employés de services, for beneficiary attendants working in private homes for the elderly. It is the same for the 4000 students of the University of Montreal who work at admission or during the days of ” open doors “.

Increase in the price of some products

The parent company of the coffee chain Tim Hortons has announced price increases for certain products in the breakfast menu in restaurants in certain markets. Restaurant Brands International, the group-Oakville, Ontario, has shown that adjustments of regular prices were ” a normal part of the activities of the restaurants “. This increase comes after the company is placed in a delicate position vis-à-vis its consumers by revealing that some franchisees had reduced their employees ‘ benefits to offset the impact of the recent increase in the minimum wage in Ontario. On 1 January, the minimum wage in ontario is spent 11.60 per hour to $ 14 an hour — a jump of 21%, which, combined with other changes to the labour Law, will cost the average homeowner of a deductible of more than $ 200,000 per year. RBI said last week that the decision of the franchisees did not reflect the values of the coffee chain.

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