Pentagon chief: getting closer to Russia in Syria, Turkey is moving in the wrong direction

The Secretary of defense mark Esper criticized Ankara for the invasion of North Syria and cooperation with Russia in the region. According to policy, because of Turkey’s NATO membership was in the “terrible situation”, but their duty to strengthen ties with the country that it once again became “strong, reliable ally,” reports CBS News.

Глава Пентагона: сближаясь с Россией в Сирии, Турция движется в неверном направлении

ReutersТурция “moving in the wrong direction” by invading Syria and made a deal with Russia on joint patrols “security zones” in the North of the country. With such a warning made by the U.S. Secretary of defense mark Esper, reports CBS News.

Ankara launched an offensive on the Syrian Kurds, who for many years helped Washington in the fight against ISIS*. The result of this operation, all the Turkish allies “were in a terrible situation,” said the Esper in front of a conference of NATO defense Ministers in Brussels.

Meanwhile, Donald trump gave the green light to the Turkish invasion, and ordered American troops to withdraw from North Syria. According to the White house, the President was unable to dissuade the Turkish leader from the onset, which he dreamed for many years, draws the attention of CBS News. “Irresponsible invasion of Turkey into the North of Syria, threatens all the progress made there in recent years”, said the head of the Pentagon. In his opinion, the duty of NATO countries to work together to strengthen cooperation with Ankara that she was “strong, reliable ally.” Despite its isolation in NATO, the strategic position of Turkey between Europe and the Middle East is too important to be put at risk. Therefore, the members of the Alliance criticized the country’s relatively restrained, says CBS News. Esper also supported the administration’s decision to trump the withdrawal of U.S. troops, which commanders of the Syrian Kurds and the locals called a “betrayal.” The Minister acknowledged the validity of criticism, but said: no one “suggested that the best alternative” is what made the USA. In total, about 1,000 us military moved from Syria to Iraq. But despite the fact that trump has twice ordered a complete withdrawal of troops, at least 200 soldiers will remain in the country to “help protect the oil infrastructure from attacks by the IG”. According to Iraqi authorities, the Americans will be in their country for more than a month. Then all of them will transfer to Kuwait, Qatar or return to the United States. The Pentagon has not yet confirmed this information, finds CBS News. * “Islamic state” (IG) — declared a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme court dated 29.12.2014.

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